Dorothy Wang Net Worth 2022: What makes Dorothy Wang famous?

It has been reported that Dorothy was born in Beverly Hills and went to the best California schools, which included USC (University of Southern California). Dorothy has been a self-described #RichKid for some time now, so this isn’t a surprise. The subject of that will be discussed in greater detail in the future.

According to Ask Men, Dorothy worked at The Agency with Kyle Richards’ spouse Mauricio Umansky. She’s not on the list of agents. Therefore she may have left. She’s left LA.

I’d be negligent not to mention Dorothy’s businesses (MANY). She used to sell jewelry (specifically, hashtag necklaces), but she hasn’t posted about it since 2016. Her sparkling wine line, Rich and Bubbly, hasn’t been updated since 2017. She gives travel suggestions on what to visit and where to stay in major cities.

Early Life

Dorothy Wang was born on January 27th, 1988, in the city of Beverly Hills, in the state of California. Her parents’ names are Roger and Vivien Wang. She is the sister of one named Janice and the daughter of Roger and Vivien Wang. Dorothy is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in communications.

The previous CEO of Golden Eagle International Group, Roger Wang, is a multi-billionaire. In addition to auto repair, Golden Eagle International Group engages in real estate development, clothes, and jewelry. Dozens of Golden Eagle stores can be found across China’s mainland. 3308 is the ticker symbol for the Hong Kong stock exchange corporation. About 5000 people work for the 1995 startup, which has a market value of $2.7 billion. The company’s largest shareholder is Roger Wang.


After uploading images on Instagram with the hashtag “richkidsofinstagram,” Wang attracted the attention of the show’s producers, who ultimately decided to put her in the upcoming reality TV series “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” Dorothy, Morgan Stewart, Roxy Sowlaty, Jonny Drubel, and Brendan Fitzpatrick were the original cast members of the television show when it first debuted on January 19, 2014.

Wang was a cast member throughout the show, which centered on a group of young adults in their twenties whose parents are either millionaires or billionaires. After the conclusion of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” in June 2016, Dorothy moved on to star in another series on E!, “Famously Single,” the following year (2017). During the final season of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” Dorothy also acted as a producer.

In 2014, Wang started making appearances on “The Steve Harvey Show” as a fashion correspondent, and in 2019, she began co-hosting “Fetch Me A Date” on Facebook Watch. In addition to that, she has been seen on episodes of “Bethenny,” “Hollywood Today,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Clevver Now,” and the “Closet Envy” special on E! News.

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In addition to her career in television, Wang is the creator of her jewelry line called Fabuluxe, and she is also the founder of the champagne company Rich and Bubbly. Dorothy mentioned that a real estate firm employed her.

The Agency is a “full-service, deluxe real estate brokerage and lifestyle company which has redefined and modernized the real estate industry,” according to the website’s description of the company. She worked as an intern in various fields before entering the real estate sector, including television production and the jewelry business. She also worked as an intern for Travis Smiley at PBS, at which time she accompanied him on a trip to China.

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Personal Life

Dorothy enjoys going to nightclubs, shopping, and traveling. On her website, you can get travel ideas and unofficial travel guides for places such as Miami, Tokyo, and Amsterdam that she has visited. She has always had a strong interest in helping others.

Dorothy Wang Net Worth 2022

At the age of 12, she became the youngest individual in the history of the Nanjing Charity League to be selected as a Goodwill Ambassador for the organization. Wang is a member of the Black Lives Matter movement. On her website, she provided a list of eateries in the Los Angeles area that persons of African descent own to urge people to “discover and celebrate the variety around us.”

What Makes Dorothy Wang Famous?

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills was the first step on Wang’s path to popularity; after the conclusion of the reality show in 2016, she went on to host Fetch Me a Date in 2019, and she also had appearances on shows like Famously Single and Steve Harvey. Her rise to celebrity began when she starred in the show.

Is Dorothy Wang a Victim of Cosmetic Surgery?

The 29-year-old actress, who is anything but reticent when it comes to discussing intimate aspects of her life, has, for the most part, maintained radio silence over any cosmetic treatments. On the other hand, she has acknowledged on Instagram that she has indulged in a “Beverly Hills Cocktail.”

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Dorothy Wang’s Net Worth

Dorothy Wang is a well-known reality television star and American socialite who is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million. Dorothy rose to fame due to her participation in the reality television show “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” which aired on the E! network from 2014 to 2016. Her father is Roger Wang, a billionaire and the former Chief Executive Officer of Bald Eagle International Group. This company specializes in developing real estate, repairing and selling automobiles, and manufacturing apparel.


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Roger is the chief shareholder in Golden Eagle, established in 1995, and currently owns and manages hundreds of department stores located across the mainland of China. Dorothy initially garnered widespread attention when she posted photographs on Instagram depicting her extravagant lifestyle. She holds a real estate broker’s license and has indicated that she would be interested in joining her father’s business at some point in the future.

Frequently Ask Question

Are Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang friends?

Getty Images and E! Online Then: Morgan Stewart’s role on #RichKids of Beverly Hills came about due to her strong friendship with Wang. At the time, Stewart, who was born and raised in the 90210 area code, was most well-known for her blog, which she named.

Who Is Dorothy in Bling Empire?

The tension between Kane Lim of Bling Empire and Dorothy Wang, a new cast member, is being discussed. The second season of the critically acclaimed show on Netflix stars Wang, who previously appeared in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills for four consecutive seasons between 2014 and 2016. The tension between her and Lim was established right from the beginning; you can see it in the teaser for the second season.

Does Dorothy Wang Have a Job?

While it is impossible to deny that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Wang has made a career outside of reality television as a certified real estate broker, an entrepreneur, and an unofficial travel guide.

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