Blacklist Season 9: What to Watch | Cast and Plot

The great mystery has been solved: we now know who murdered Liz (Megan Boone) or why. Despite the fact that Marvin (Fisher Stevens) has been looking after Red’s (James Spader) business concerns for years, it’s hard to imagine one of Red’s own would do such a thing to him.

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Also, when you think about it, the lengths he went to — murdering his best buddy, arranging Mr. Kaplan’s comeback, and blackmailing Cooper — appear insane. What was the point?

Let’s begin the recap right now before I get any further into the end.

blacklist season 9

Caelum Bank (No. 169)

At the beginning of the episode, some crooks try to protect their money by depositing this with Harris Gramercy (Jim Piddock), the chairman of Caelum Bank, an establishment that operates off of an airplane and is always moving about.

Even though Red hasn’t logged onto his account there for years, it was utilized in the murders of Reggie Cole and the LaCroix. Red will need to find out who had entry to that account most recently, but Gramercy is not going to make this information readily available to them.

Red makes a request to the Task Force in order to access Caelum Bank. It is quite tough to break into the bank due to the fact that it is located in the clouds.

Gramercy himself has taken an oath of silence in order to protect his customers, but Red is confident that Gramercy will divulge the identity when the jet has been forced to make an emergency landing. Gramercy and Red have a meeting in the skies, and Red asks Gramercy for the identity of the person who most recently entered Red’s account, given that the money in question is his.

Gramercy informs him that he is unable to supply the name, despite the fact that it is his own account. They must have received authorization from Red.

After the Task Force locates the plane’s coordinates, Aram (Amir Arison), who has FBI credentials, uses them to bring the plane down. Under the pretense of conducting an inspection for reasons relating to national security, Ressler, played by Diego Klattenhoff, boards the aircraft.

He acts as though he is unfamiliar with Red, but in reality, he “recognizes” him as the notorious Raymond Reddington. All Red and Gramercy are taken into custody by the FBI. While they are both locked up, Red tries to persuade Gramercy that he can simply have them both out of there, but he needs Gramercy to give him the name of the person he is looking for.

Gramercy comes to the conclusion that Red deceived him and decides not to assist him. Gramercy is confronted by Red, who produces a firearm and threatens to kill him. Red responds by shooting Gramercy in the stomach after he calls his bluff.

blacklist season 9

During the time that he is listening in, Dembe (played by Hisham Tawfiq) makes an effort to assist Gramercy, but Ressler prevents him from doing so because they are so close to discovering the name. Red is certain that he will not ask Gramercy for assistance until he is given a name.

Gramercy calls his guys and informs Red of the title: Hedwig “Heddie” Hawkins. This is the moment Gramercy finally gives in (Aida Turturro).

Are you joking me?! The FBI did not succeed in coercing Sweet Heddie into betraying Red despite the fact that she was threatened by the agency.

In addition to that, I seriously doubt that she possesses the intestinal fortitude to challenge him. In Florida, she is enjoying the good life to the fullest. Red, along with the rest of us, is taken aback when she hears Heddie’s name.

Weecha, played by Diany Rodriguez, shows up just as Red is walking out of the jail, and the two of them continue on their way to Heddie’s house in Florida. Gramercy does not make it even after Dembe and Ressler have called an ambulance for him.

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Ressler relays to Dembe that they have a race against Red to get Heddie first because it is highly likely that Red will end Heddie’s life. Dembe makes several attempts to get in touch with Heddie, but she is preoccupied with the maintenance of her cherished birds.

When you least expect it, she receives Dembe’s message, which prompts her to flee into hiding until Dembe and Ressler are able to find her. Just when you think Red has her cornered. Heddie is completely unaware of the topic of conversation or the reason that Red is pursuing her.

Red, who is aware that the Task Force is in possession of Heddie, calls Dembe and insists that the Task Force hand her over to them. They end up having a chat that is moderately in-depth about their past, which is really a ploy on Red’s part to divert Dembe and Ressler’s attention for long enough for him to run into them and steal Heddie.

It does not seem good for the concierge of crime to kill the man in charge of the most notorious bank, as Marvin reveals to Red over the phone, as suspicions are spreading about his relationship with Gramercy’s death. Red insists that he will take care of it, but first, he has to take care of Heddie.

Back at Red’s warehouses, she makes her case to Red, insisting that she is innocent of the charges. Right at that moment, Marvin calls in arms dealer Mickey Croft (played by Brian Dykstra), who confesses that Heddie came to him a few years ago searching for work.

Marvin’s revelation comes just as Mickey Croft makes the revelation. Heddie reveals to Red that she was unhappy in her job and wanted to look for other opportunities, but that she would never harm Red. Red plants a peck on Heddie’s cheek before instructing Weecha to wrap things up as quickly as possible.

While Weecha is leading Heddie to the back room, there is the sound of a gunshot. Red goes to Marvin and expresses his desire to discuss the fallout from Gramercy’s passing with him.

While all of this is going on, Cooper manages to get himself into the transport vehicle that is carrying the assassin who was responsible for the death of LaCroix’s wife, Val Messick (Mu-Shaka Benson). Cooper makes a threat against Val, but Val has no idea who hired Cooper.

After that, he intended to proceed to the LaCroixs’ house and completely destroy it by setting it on fire. Park (Laura Sohn), who is now required to work at the front desk due to her physical condition, discovers an unlabeled CD among LaCroix’s belongings.

They locate the names of two attorneys who work at the same law firm on it. Their names are Lawrence Knell and Angela Sherwood. Cooper and Aram call them in for questioning, and Knell and Sherwood want to provide the knowledge in exchange for immunity in exchange for the information they provide.

They claim that a man named Claudius was the brains behind the trying to blackmail and the filing of false lawsuits. The name is completely meaningless to the Task Force, therefore they will carry on searching through LaCroix’s belongings. Park comes into an unanticipated discovery.

While we are watching the footage of LaCroix’s wedding, a familiar figure can be seen making the best man’s speech. That person is Marvin.

Red receives a call from Cooper who informs him about the connection that exists between Marvin and LaCroix and cautions him not to put his faith in Marvin when they are on the plane getting ready to depart together with Marvin.

He tells Marvin that Heddie is still alive once they have finished their conversation on the phone. Marvin staged Heddie’s suicide so that he could feel secure in his relationship with Red by fabricating Heddie’s death.

Marvin, who is aware that he’s been discovered, admits the truth, which is that he has never been devoted to Liz but has always been faithful to Red. He did not believe that Liz was deserving of taking over as Red’s successor, and the motivation behind all he did was to safeguard Red’s empire.

Because she would have wrecked all they had worked so hard to create, he got rid of her. Even during the time that Red was going through his grief over the past two years, Marvin managed to keep the firm running well. But Red was unable to get over Liz’s killing and was adamant about finding the person responsible for it.

It was necessary for Marvin to take up the matter and carry out all of those activities, including blackmailing Cooper, murdering his buddies, and coordinating what appeared to be the return of Mr. Kaplan.

blacklist season 9

After going through the events of Liz’s last day in his thoughts over and over, Red came to the conclusion that Marvin was involved in some way. When Liz went to Marvin’s office complaining of a headache, he offered her some aspirin, but unbeknownst to either of them, the drug contained a tracking device.

The hatred in Red’s eyes is palpable. It would appear that Red has the upper hand at this point, but Marvin claims that Red will allow him to escape the plane unharmed. He plays a live stream video for Red that shows Mierce with a sniper aim aimed at her chest.

Mierce would be put to death in the event that something negative occurred to him. Weecha throws a punch at Marvin in the throat, but Heddie and Red restrain her so that Mierce is not put in danger. Marvin informs Red that he has been paying attention to Red’s instructional films and that he is now prepared to compete against him.

Is there anyone else who is kind of rooting for Marvin to succeed? Because Red has been so preoccupied with Liz, he has completely neglected his professional responsibilities. Even Heddie was able to observe that Red had a pattern of constantly overlooking his staff, which included Marvin.

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I sincerely hope that Marvin is able to prevail against Red in this battle, because Red is an excellent opponent, and there are only two more episodes left.

I’m hopeful that the show won’t repeat the mistake with Marvin that it did with Mr. Kaplan and keep him around for longer than they should have. A new season of Marvin vs. Red is something I’d be interested in watching.

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