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What Is Luka Doncic Net Worth?

Luka Doncic Net Worth: It is estimated that Luka Doncic has a total wealth of $25 million. He is a Slovenian pro basketball player who plays for the San Antonio Spurs. Luka Doncic was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in February 1999.

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He is a small forward and guard and stands 6 feet 7 inches tall. He was a member of Union Olimpija when he was younger and his father, Sasa Doncic, was a basketball player in the past. From 2015 to 2018, Luka Doncic was a member of Real Madrid’s roster.

During that time, he was able to win the EuroLeague tournament and was awarded the Most Valuable Player award for both the EuroLeague and the EuroLeague Final Four in 2018. In 2018, he was also named to the First Team All-EuroLeague and was the Most Valuable Player of the Liga ACB.

luka doncic net worth

Luka Doncic has competed for Slovenia at the 2017 EuroBasket, which was held in Turkey, and has brought home the gold medal. In 2015, he won the FIBA International Cup, which is the world’s premier basketball competition.

The Atlanta Hawks selected Doncic with the third overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. Eventually, he was moved to the Dallas Mavericks, where he started playing in 2018 and was named to the NBA All-Star team.


Luka signed an extension to his supermax rookie contract with the Dallas Mavericks on August 9, 2021. The new deal was worth $207 million over five years. At the time, it was the rookie contract with the highest total guaranteed value in the history of the NBA.

Card of the Year

Someone shelled out $4.6 million for a Luka Doncic rookie card in the month of March 2021. This is the highest sum of money that has ever been given for an NBA player card. The card was signed by him and placed with an NBA logo patch that was taken from a jersey that he used in a game.

Luka’s Salary

On August 10, 2021, Luka signed a rookie contract with the Mavs that was for a total of $207 million over five years. During the 2020-2021 season, he brought in a total of $8,049,360 in revenue. After the 2021-2022 season, his new contract will go into effect. Through the end of the 2021-2022 season, he is projected to earn a total of $10,174,391.

Endorsements From Luka

luka doncic net worth

Luka is one of the most famous players in the world outside of the NBA. Because of his widespread recognition, he will receive a substantial sum of money for every endorsement contract that he enters into. 2019 was the year that he signed a contract with Jordan. His endorsement deals with Jordan, NBA 2K, and Panini brings in between 6 and 10 million dollars annually for him.

Luka’s Investments

Mark Cuban is the owner of the Mavericks. Luka can’t help but make smart financial decisions with his money. He has made an investment in the BioSteel company, which specializes in sports nutrition.

Luka’s Residence and Automobile

Luka currently resides in Preston Hollow, Dallas, in a mansion worth $2.7 million. This four-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom, 5,225-square-foot property lies on a 0.78-acre lot and is situated at 9119 Guernsey Lane. It is described as being “a five-minute drive or a seven-minute bike ride” to his boss Mark Cuban’s house, which is located on Deloache Avenue.

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How Much Has Luka Earned Over His Career?

In his three years in the NBA, he has earned a total of $21,813,150.

About Girlfriend

luka doncic net worth

Anamaria Goltes is Luka Doncic’s girlfriend: Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks is already considered one of the league’s top ten players. He’s hardly old enough to drink, yet he’s already a legitimate MVP candidate. He has more triple-doubles than the majority of NBA players ever had double-doubles in their careers.

He’s also said to have one of the most pleasant characters in the NBA, but ref Ashley Moyer-Gleich and probably thousands of fans will be disappointed to learn that he’s already taken. Anamaria Goltes, Luka Doncic’s girlfriend, will be the subject of this piece.

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Is Luka Doncic Married?

Luka Doncic is a single man who has never been married. On the other hand, he is currently involved with Anamaria Goates. She is a Slovenian model and an influential figure in the fashion industry.

Instagram is where she got her start as a fashion and lifestyle photographer, and she posts photographs there. Her age is given as 24 years. In addition to that, she has begun a career as a professional model. She debuted in the industry as a professional model.

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