Lewis Hamilton Net Worth: How Much Is Lewis Hamilton’s Race Car Worth?

By 2022, it is thought that Lewis Hamilton’s net worth will be about $285 million.

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is a British race car driver who drives for Mercedes AMG Petronas in Formula One.

Hamilton is the best driver of his generation. He has won five Formula One World Championships. He is also thought of by many as one of the best drivers in sports history.

Early Life

Davidson, Lewis Carl Hamilton was born in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, on January 7, 1985. His parents divorced when he was two years old, and he lived with his mother and half-sisters till he was twelve. His mother, Carmen, is white, while his father, Anthony, is black. Hamilton identifies as black.

Then, Hamilton moved in with his father, stepmother, and half-brother Nicolas. At the age of five, Hamilton began practicing karate for self-defense. At school, he was victimized by bullies. His father gave him a radio-controlled automobile when he was six years old. Hamilton placed second in the British Radio Car Association championship the following year.

His father gave him a go-kart for Xmas when he was six years old. Anthony Hamilton agreed to support his son’s blossoming racing career so long as he remained in school and worked diligently on his studies. Lewis attended The John Henry Newman School in Hertfordshire, a Catholic secondary school. He also played soccer (football) at school. Beginning in early 2001, he attended Cambridge Arts and Sciences.


In 1998, Hamilton joined the McLaren program for young drivers. In 2007, he became a real Formula One McLaren driver. He is the first and only black person to drive a race car professionally. In 2007, he came in second place behind Kimi Räikkönen. In 2008, Hamilton became the first person to win the F1 World Championship.

He won the title in the last match of the season. In 2013, he agreed to drive for Mercedes. Hamilton won five so many World Championships after 2014, including two in a row in 2014 and 2015. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, Hamilton won three races in a row for the 2nd time. As of this writing, he has won six World Championships. His wins seem to be second only to Michael Schumacher’s seven World Drivers’ Championships.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

During New York Fashion Week in 2018, Hamilton debuted his TOMMYXLEWIS apparel brand with models Winnie Harlow and Hailey Baldwin.

Lewis Hamilton has sparked debate with his on-track moves and off-track utterances. His statements are regularly analyzed in the public eye.

He was racially abused by Spanish fans while racing in Spain. His rivalry with Fernando Alonso prompted Spanish fans to slam Hamilton. He confesses his competitive nature has caused issues with other drivers.

Hamilton extended his Mercedes contract two years before the 2018 German Grand Prix. It was valued at approximately $50 million annually.

On July 4th, the long-delayed Formula One season began in Austria, with Hamilton’s Black Arrow car making its premiere. A new all-black Mercedes for Black Lives Matter will be unveiled in June 2020. Hamilton has criticized the lack of diversity in F1.

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Personal Life

In November 2007, Hamilton began dating Pussycat Dolls‘ lead singer Nicole Scherzinger. They split up in early 2010 but were seen together at the Turkish and Canadian Races This season. After multiple breakups and reunions throughout 2011 and 2015, they eventually parted in February 2015.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

After his breakup with Scherzinger, he was said to have dated Rihanna. Model Winnie Harlow, Hungarian model Barbara Palvin, and Sofia Richie are all alleged to be his ex-girlfriends. He was also linked to Nicki Minaj. They went on a romantic trip to Dubai.

Some MPs have accused Lewis Hamilton of evading UK taxes by residing abroad.

Hamilton was named after Carl Lewis.

Hamilton, an Arsenal supporter, stated he was a footballer or cricketer if he hadn’t been in Formula One.

Salary Highlights

Between June 2016 and June 2017, Lewis Hamilton made roughly $50 million through endorsements and prize money. He made $51 million between June 2017 and July 2018. In the following 12 months, he earned $55 million.

Hamilton was the wealthiest British sportsperson in 2015, according to Forbes. He is the most OK driver in the annals of Formula One.

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Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula One racer who works for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team and has $285 million. Most people agree that Hamilton is one of the best drivers in sports history. Lewis is one of the F1 drivers who makes the most money globally. He makes $50 million in a typical year, which comes from his Mercedes contract, which pays $40 million per year.


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How Much Is Lewis Hamilton’s Race Car Worth?

Lewis Hamilton’s estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately $285 million. Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton is indeed a British Formula One driver for Mercedes AMG Petronas.

Real Estate

Hamilton’s New York penthouse was advertised for $57 million in 2019 and is currently on the market. Hamilton purchased it for $43.9 million in 2017. In December 2021, he sold this home for $50 million. Meg Ryan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake, and Bella Hadid all have penthouse lofts in the same Tribeca building as this 8,900-square-foot space.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

He supposedly never resided in the unit… possibly because he ALSO owns a loft located not that far away at 70 Vestry Avenue, which he ALSO acquired in 2019 for $40.7 million.

Hamilton is the proud owner of a $25 million mansion in Kensington, West London, built-in 1860 with six bedrooms.

In addition to his residence in New York City, Hamilton has properties in Nyon, Switzerland, and Monaco.

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Frequently Ask Question

Is Lewis Hamilton’s Parent Rich?

His father was not wealthy. He had to become a contractor and perform various jobs to acquire extra money for his son’s racing career.

Is Lewis Hamilton Mentally Ill?

Lewis Hamilton, who has won seven Formula One world championships, has talked about his mental and emotional struggles. He wrote that it was “hard some days to stay positive.”

Is Lewis Hamilton Driving?

When he was only eight years old, Hamilton started driving. At age 10, he won the British Kart Championship. Three years later, Hamilton joined the McLaren and Mercedes-Benz Young Motorist Support Programme, where he got the help and support he needed to train and improve his skills.

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