James Harden Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does James Harden Earn Per Game?

James Harden’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $165 million as 2022…

James Harden is a professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association. During the 2009 NBA draught, Harden was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder as the third overall choice. He was born in Houston, Texas.

Early Life

‘James Edward Harden Jr.’ was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 26th, 1989. His mother endured a string of miscarriages before he was even born. There is a sister for Harden. Christian upbringing shaped Harden’s outlook on life, and it’s clear that he’s never wavered from that outlook. James’ basketball abilities quickly became apparent. At the end of high school, he was a McDonald’s All-American and a star athlete. Also, in 2006, he was a member of an AAU team that won the Adidas Super 64 title in Las Vegas.

While at Arizona State, Harden was a member of the school’s men’s b-ball team. He started getting a lot of attention and even appeared on the cover of “Sports Illustrated.” After completing his sophomore season, Harden declared himself available for the 2009 NBA draught.

NBA Career

With the Oklahoma City Thunder, James began his professional career. Even though he was a rookie, he made a high percentage of three-pointers in his debut season. After the 2011-2012 season, he was named the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year. Thunder reached NBA Finals that season but was beaten by Miami Heat in the finals. After that, the Houston Rockets made an attractive contract extension offer to Harden, who turned it down to stay in Houston.


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For Houston, Harden was not a “bench player,” as had been the case with the Thunder. He was offered a contract extension almost immediately. In his first season with the team, Harden produced some of the most remarkable statistics in NBA history. Additionally, he was selected to the All-Star squad for the first time.

After that, James ran for MVP every season for the next few years. Several times, he was the league’s leading scorer. He finally won the honor in 2018. During this period, Harden received multiple contract extensions, indicating that the Houston Rockets saw him as a critical team member.

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James Harden’s Net Worth

James Harden is worth an estimated $165 million American professional basketball player. He became a household name when he joined the Houston Rockets from the Oklahoma City Thunder. In January of 2021, he was dealt with the Brooklyn Nets. James has topped the league three times and has won the MVP award for scoring.

James is now widely regarded as one of the NBA’s finest players and its best shooting guard. Before joining the NBA, Harden was an Arizona Sun Devils basketball team member. James also earned an Olympic gold medal with the U.S. national basketball team in the Summer Olympics in 2012.

It’s no surprise that James is one of the NBA’s highest-earning players. His yearly base compensation alone is more than $44,000,000. Every year, he makes millions more in endorsement fees.

Contracts and Salary

Harden used to make $14.7 million a year playing in the NBA. As he became a more integral member of the Rockets, this sum rose to around $40 million. This year, the NBA announced that Harden had signed a new contract, making him the NBA’s richest player. James signed a four-year contract worth $228 million with the Rockets, which pays him an average of $47 million each year.

Harden would have made more than $530,000 per game in the fourth year of his contract in 2021. His total career earnings (including salary and endorsements) are expected to exceed $560 million by his deal. James Harden earned $47 million in salary and endorsements from June 2016 to June 2017. James Harden made $47 million between June 2017 and June 2018. A total of $45 million was generated by James between June 2018 and June 2019.

James Harden Networth

It was nearing the end of Harden’s contract in 2020. Houston offered him a two-year, $103 million contract deal to keep him on the team. Harden opted out. The contract extension was rejected to make him the first player to earn at least $50 million in a season. Harden still has three years and $132.9 million left on his contract. Harden may have declined the contract extension to entice a trade to the Brooklyn Nets. In January of the following year, 2021, the deal was finalized.

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How Much Money Does James Harden Earn Per Game?

James Harden’s salary breakdown for the 2021-22 NBA season is $3,692,570 each month, $615,428 per game, $153,857 every quarter, and $12,821 per minute, based on his current salary of $44,310,840. This is based on his current salary of $44,310,840.

Brand Endorsements

After signing a $200 million contract with Nike in 2015, James Harden decided to switch to Adidas’s rival clothing firm. The 13-year contract provides James with an average of $15 million per year in additional compensation to his basketball salary, presently more than $40 million. Harden is also well-known for his appearances in ads for State Farm Insurance.

Real Estate

Harden spent $2 million on a home in Houston, which he purchased in 2015. The property, built-in 2002 with Mediterranean design influences, is located in a gated neighborhood within the Royal Oaks Country Club, close to a golf course. A former NBA star named Cuttino Mobley owned the land on which the building stands today.

The property has seven hundred and one hundred square feet of living space and four bedrooms, making it reasonably lavish. A sweeping staircase, a stone fireplace, and a theatre room are among the home’s notable features. Furthermore, the residence is situated on a half-acre plot of ground, which features an infinity pool and a spa.

James Harden Net Worth 2022

This year, Harden decided to invest in a significantly larger estate. He reportedly paid $10 million for the home on 3.5 acres of ground in Rivercrest, a wealthy community in Houston’s suburbs.

He is the second owner of the home. The house is a vast 26,000 square feet size and includes a wine room, a full bar, and a fitness area. Building materials used in the construction of the residence include steel and modern-inspired design.

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Frequently Ask Question

Is James Harden a Billionaire?

The Oklahoma City Thunder selected him in the first round of the 2009 NBA draught. After being waived in 2011, he was moved to Houston Rockets before the 2012-13 season. In 2018, Harden was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

Is James Harden a Free Agent This Year?

Following the agreement, incoming 76ers star James Harden will exercise his $47.3 million player option on his contract for the upcoming season, according to sources at @TheAthletic @Stadium.

Why Is James Harden Called El Chapo?

The term “El Chapo” does not have an exact translation, although it is derived from Culiacan slang and refers to a short, stocky person. It’s related to Chaparrito, which you may picture as an old grandfather pinching the cheeks of a cute, chubby kid who has enough cheek to lift in his own right.

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