How Much Net Worth Does Wendy Williams Have?

With a net worth of $20 million, Wendy Williams is a well-known television host, businesswoman, media personality, and author in the United States. In addition to becoming the host of the widely syndicated television talk show “The Wendy Williams Show,” she has also worked as a model and actress.

Wendy Williams’s Hourly Rate Is Determined by the Episode

For her work on The Wendy Williams Show, Wendy receives a yearly income of $10 million. She may produce 180 episodes in a year in some years. This equates to a salary of $55,000 per episode, divided by the number of episodes.

Infancy and Adolescence

Wendy Williams was born on July 18, 1964, in the New Jersey town of Asbury Park. She was born to Shirley and Thomas Williams as the second of their three children. Wendy’s family relocated to Ocean Township, New Jersey when she was five years old.

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In 1982, she graduated from Ocean Township High School and went on to study at Northeastern University, where she stayed until 1986. With a Bachelor of Science in communications from Northeastern, she worked as a DJ for the collegiate radio station WRBB before moving on to other opportunities.

Radio Professionalism

wendy williams net worth

Her first professional radio employment was with WVIS in the Virgin Islands, where she worked for a year. From there, she was able to secure a position as a substitute DJ at WRKS radio in New York City. Following that, Williams was hired as an afternoon host at WOL, a radio station in Washington, DC, where he worked for a year.

Wendy quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most well-liked full-time DJs at the station, hosting the most crucial drive-time shift. Wendy moved to New York City’s Hot 97 urban radio station in 1994 after the station’s format changed. She remained there until 1998. She was sacked from her radio station in 1998 but was afterward hired by WUSL, a station in Philadelphia.

Wendy really found her stride at this particular station. It was while she was in Philadelphia that she met Kevin Hunter, who would go on to become her husband and also her agent.

Her show was later syndicated throughout the United States. In addition to increasing her popularity, she assisted the station in moving from 14th to 2nd place in the ratings by being open and honest about personal challenges such as miscarriages, a prior drug addiction, and breast augmentation surgery.

In 2001, she relocated back to New York City to host a full-time syndicated 4-hour time slot on WBLS radio station. Wendy Williams is most well-known for her crazy interview with Whitney Houston, which rocketed her to popularity in her radio broadcasting career.

Wendy stepped down from her radio show in 2009 to pursue a career in broadcast television. She had already been honored into the National Radio Hall of Fame by that point.

The Windy Williams Show Is a Variety Show Hosted by Windy Williams

wendy williams net worth

Wendy is best known now for her role as the host of the popular syndicated television show “The Wendy Williams Show,” which airs on NBC.

The Debmar-Mercury Corporation approached Williams in 2008 and offered her a six-week trial of her own television chat show. In July 2008, “The Wendy Williams Show” made its debut, and after receiving very excellent reviews, Fox agreed to a deal with Debmar-Mercury to air the show nationally.

Furthermore, in 2010, BET acquired the cable rights to broadcast the show at night, and the show began airing globally in 54 countries through BET International in the same year. Her show has been extremely popular, getting an average of 2.4 million viewers per day on the air.

As of this writing, the show has aired more than 1,500 episodes over the course of ten seasons. According to Nielsen ratings for the month of November 2015, the talk show was ranked first in the United States among women aged 25 to 54.

As a result of problems related to Graves’ illness, Williams was forced to take an unprecedented amount of time off in February 2019. Wendy was replaced by a number of guest hosts, including Nick Cannon, until she returned on March 4, 2019.

The Wendy Williams Show is now in its 12th season, which will conclude in the spring of 2020. Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show was nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards in 2015 and 2016, one for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host and the other for Outstanding Variety Talk Show Host.

The People’s Choice Award for Favorite Daytime TV Host was nominated to her in 2016, and she received a nomination.

Making a Living as an Actor

Williams has appeared in a variety of media, including television, films, and theatre, and has even dabbled in stand-up comedy. She has made guest appearances on television shows such as Martin, One Life to Live, and Dancing with the Stars, among other things.

Wendy has also appeared in the films Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and its two sequels, as well as the television series The Wendy Williams Show.

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In 2014, Williams embarked on a nationwide comedy tour, where he performed stand-up comedy. Her stand-up comedy tour, The Wendy Williams Sit Down Tour: Too Real for Standup, began in 2015 with a run of 12 cities.

Founded in 2013, Wendy Williams Productions is a reality television production firm that Williams co-founded with her husband Kevin.

Williams has also been in a number of other television shows, including “Drop Dead Diva” (2011), in which she served as a judge, and season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars,” in which she competed as a participant. Aside from that, she was cast in the Broadway musical “Chicago,” in which she performed for a seven-week run in 2013.

The Discovery Channel’s 2015 documentary series “Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams” (which she also hosted), the Lifetime biopic “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” (2014), and the GSN game show “Love Triangle” are among the projects Wendy Williams has worked on as an executive producer (2011).

Books and Other Projects

wendy williams net worth

Asked Wendy: Straight-Up Advice for All the Drama in Your Life, Wendy’s Got the Heat, The Wendy Williams Experience, Is the Bitch Dead or What?, Drama Is Her Middle Name Hold Me in Contempt: A Romance and Ritz Harper’s Hollywood Adventure “How ya doing?” is one of Wendy’s best-known catchphrases.

March 28, 2015, saw the release of a new clothing line by Williams, which included dresses, slacks, sweaters, and skirts. Only HSN carries the Wendy Williams brand, and on her talk show, Williams boasted that the launch of her collection was HSN’s most-watched premiere ever. “Adorn by Wendy Williams” is a jewelry collection that Williams sells on QVC, the home shopping network.

Relationship Problems And Divorce

As a result of hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease, Williams has spoken openly about her condition. The first marriage ended in divorce after 5 months and a year and a half of the divorce process for Wendy.

On November 30, 1997, she married Kevin Hunter. Their son Kevin Jr. was born in 2000. Kevin was eventually promoted to manager of Wendy’s. Kevin Hunter cheated on Wendy a number of times, according to rumors. On top of that, he was accused of being overbearing and physically violent at several points.

Rumors that Kevin had a child with a mistress began circulating in 2019. During this period, Wendy announced on her show that she was living out of a sober house because of a previous cocaine habit. After 22 years of marriage, Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin in April of this year.

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There were irreconcilable differences noted in the court filing, which attempted to establish an acceptable level of child support and a division of assets. A 6000-square-foot house in Livingston, New Jersey, that Wendy purchased for $2.1 million in 2009, was the couple’s principal property. Wendy sold this house for $1.475 million in August 2020.

We learned on April 24 that Wendy was taking steps to cut Kevin out of her business and personal life. Reports claim she fired him from the show and hired a team of experts to safeguard her assets. She has severed all relations with the previous manager and has hired a new one.

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