What Is the Net Worth of Kat Timpf?

Exactly How Much Is Kat Timpf's Worth

Considering the raging cultural storms on both the left and right, it’s hard to think that a right-leaning feminist reporter and comic can keep her head above water in such turbulent waters. However, Kat Timpf is holding up her end of the bargain admirably.

At Fox News, Timpf is best known as a commentator on “Gutfeld!” and as co-host of “Tyrus and Timpf” with professional wrestler and political analyst George Murdock (aka Tyrus) on Fox News Radio. Timpf is fearless and entertaining. She’s also a prolific stand-up comic when she has the opportunity to perform.

Instead of following in the footsteps of his fellow comedians Bill Mahar and Joe Rogan, who began their political careers while performing standup, Timpf began as a freelancer in the hard sciences before making the transition to standup. Timpf is savoring the best of both worlds as she laughs her way to financial freedom.

As of now, Timpf isn’t quite A-list fodder, but after several years of hard knocks, she might be primed for an even higher degree of success. As of this writing, Timpf’s net worth hasn’t been proven, however other outlets, such as MSN, estimate her fortune at around $1.5 million.

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Kat Timpf Grew Up in a Strict Home

kat timpf net worth

Born in Detroit on October 29, 1988, Katherine Clare Timpf grew up in a strict Catholic household. There were three children in Timpf’s household; she was always punished for being the oldest. Her parents were very severe.

According to Kat Timpf, who hosted a podcast in 2016 called “The Kat Timpf Show,” she was grounded for everything because she was the oldest. According to Timpf, she ended her relationship with her partner when he posted an online bikini photo of her.

According to Timpf, then 16, they were in the water. “It wasn’t like we were posing in a cellar for a picture. In the middle of the night, I awoke to find my mother distraught. For the next two weeks, I was confined to my home.” There’s no telling how disruptive she was to the point where she was escorted to the principal’s office before class had even begun on days when a substitute teacher had to fill in for her.

“It was primarily due to the fact that I was such a hassle. Teachers were leaving the profession in droves “On her podcast, she made a quip.

In spite of her rebellious nature, she gained a lot of wisdom from her time growing up in Detroit. That home was filled with love, as evidenced by the closeness she has with her siblings and her father, whom she affectionately refers to as Chief. Her mother succumbed to amyloidosis in 2015.

In High School and College, Kat Timpf a

Timpf was an exceptional student despite her reputation as a troublemaker. As a result of her excellent grades, she was awarded a full scholarship to attend Hillsdale College in suburban Detroit, almost an hour south. In an interview with Fox News, Timpf claimed, “I was in a sorority, but I never once… like, danced around in my bathing suit and blew glitter out of my hand.”

She was probably too busy with her studies and remembering what it took to get into college to have time for that.

According to Timpf, she paid for college “mostly through the combination of a minor loan, working, and kicking my a** hard enough to obtain an all-tuition scholarship, with only a little bit of help from my parents for the first semester only.”

It was a dream come true for her to be admitted into Columbia University’s famed Graduate School of Journalism since she had always wanted to work in the media.

She turned down the job offer because she realized that pursuing a degree in journalism would almost certainly necessitate taking out huge student loans, which she knew she couldn’t afford. Beginning with an internship in Los Angeles and an apartment so unhygienic that she eventually contracted fleas and scabies, the trip was difficult. Timpf was set to begin his studies at the school of hard knocks.

In Her Libertarian Values, Kat Timpf

kat timpf net worth

As a libertarian, Kat Timpf chose to skip attending Columbia’s School of Broadcasting and accrue student loan debt in favor of taking the less lucrative internship route. There should be no “judges” in the market, she told The Collegian, Timpf’s alma mater’s student newspaper.

“It entails a smaller government in every way. So get it out of economic policy, have a reasonable foreign policy, and let people make their own social decisions.”

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As a libertarian, Timpf was likely able to fit in well with the media that caters to Republican audiences.

For her part, she had no problem criticizing the liberals on matters like political correctness and government spending, which she once described as “absolutely ridiculous, wrong, and out-of-touch with reality” in an opinion article for Fox News. Her attacks against the right, such as dubbing Donald Trump “a hack in a trucker hat” in National Review, are less well-known.

Still, she believes there is room for compromise in her political ideology. A libertarian “has something in him or her that everyone dislikes, but there is also something about him or her that everyone agrees on,” Timpf told The Collegian. Because I can agree with them on some things but not others, I believe I am in a good position to converse with others.

Kat Timpf Made It to Fox News via a Backdoor

Timpf struck the ground running after graduating from Hillsdale College in 2010. As an airborne traffic reporter in Los Angeles, she made her first stop. It was “very fair because I’m lousy with directions,” she told Politico. “I was laid off pretty fast.” In the wake of her job going south, Timpf was forced to move back to the east coast, where she eventually landed work as a digital editor at The Washington Times.

She was also a contributor to Campus Reform and National Review, where some of her articles appeared on political broadcasts like Fox News.

However, in 2014, while working for Campus Reform, Timpf became the subject of considerable controversy. Timpf’s involvement with Campus Reform, a conservative group, made her a target for anti-feminist activists at a Feminist Majority Foundation meeting in Washington, D.C. ‘I’m a woman, and I’m sure we could have found something in common,’ she claimed on Fox News.

Instead of standing up for me, they decided to discriminate against me because they were so afraid of being labeled ‘conservative.’

Greg Gutfeld, on the other hand, was the silver lining. This journalist’s initial exposure to Timpf came via an appearance on his “Red Eye” program, which Timpf told The Collegian was made possible in part by a video of the Feminist Majority Foundation convention.

Kat Timpf Began Doing Stand-up as a Hobby

kat timpf net worth

After graduating from college, Kat Timpf may have been inspired to pursue a career in stand-up comedy by the financial hardships she faced. For starters, it was a small source of income, and it probably reflected her feelings at the time. For her, comedy is a go-to approach to cope with things that might otherwise be too gloomy to bear.

Also on “The Kat Timpf Show,” when recalling watching TV with an ex-boyfriend years ago, she provided another hint. A few years ago, as I and his brother were enjoying a viewing of “Red Eye,” I joked to myself, “I’m funnier than those gals.”

While performing stand-up in major cities like New York’s Gotham Comedy Club and Los Angeles’ The Improv, Timpf drew on her personal experiences as inspiration for her comedy routines (via The Stand).

In addition to writing for the National Review, she made regular appearances on a Baltimore morning radio show, and even worked as a field reporter for Barstool Sports, despite the fact that sports were not her area of expertise.

Her humorous path was perfect preparation for a career in front of the camera, though.

“I can’t imagine having been on television without performing stand-up first,” she stated to The Collegian newspaper. Because on television, no one can tell you that you’re a terrible speaker, standup is scarier than television.

Kat Timpf Is Remarkably Clean

After joining Fox News in late 2015, Kat Timpf was considered a hot commodity, but the newsroom environment was everything but. There were many high-profile departures, like Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, due to sexual misconduct allegations, and she had to deal with it.

There have been numerous allegations of sexual harassment against Timpf and Eric Bolling, the co-hosts of “Fox News Specialists,” who were both fired by the New York Times after they were found to be sending lewd text messages to female coworkers. Aside from “Gutfeld!” and the short-lived “Sincerely, Kat” in 2019, Timpf’s only on-air job at Fox News was “Gutfeld!” after it was canceled.

For all we know, Timpf has evaded the toxicity of those toxic hotspots. However, despite her awful taste in male companions, she is amazingly scandal-free. However, she made up for it with some wacky views on popular culture. In her early days as a polarising force, she tackled “Star Wars.”

An outraged social media backlash erupted after Fox Network late-night host Timpf ridiculed the sci-fi franchise, saying, “I have never had any interest in watching space nerds poke each other with their little space nerd sticks.” Gutfeld!” was a diatribe against Radiohead fans that did not go over well with the band’s ardent supporters. “Strange, starved, and melancholy,” she wrote.

Kat Timpf Is Bullied Because of Her Job

As Fox News anchor Kat Timpf can attest, it is not always easy to deal with coworkers who aren’t huge fans of the network. On Twitter, Timpf claimed in 2018 that she had been “[driven] out of an establishment.” It was later disclosed by National Review that Timpf was in a Brooklyn pub with pals when she ran into an angry woman who chased her out of the watering hole because of her affiliation with Fox News.

A few months ago, Timpf tweeted that a man who “hates me and [told me] I’m wrecking the country” interrupted her supper.

In 2017, Timpf got into a fight in a New York bar while supporting libertarian podcaster Ben Kissel in his campaign for Brooklyn borough president. He came over and dumped a full bottle of water on Timpf’s head while she was waiting in line to speak. Timpf was unable to speak as the man escaped as he was saturated and shocked.

It was “the absolute least he could have done,” she subsequently tweeted, “was to drop his water on my head and convey what it was that was bothering him.”

In an interview with The Wrap, Timpf expressed his relief that the bottle didn’t contain any dangerous substances.

That it could have been worse is not lost on me,” she remarked.

Her Secret Love Life Ended When She Married an Army Vet

kat timpf net worth

Kat Timpf has shown a remarkable ability to keep her personal life out of the public eye since she became a well-known media personality. As a teenager, Timpf claimed to Twitter that she was in a relationship with a heroin user, who was already an adult at the time. It’s safe to say that Timpf’s love life has been anything but conventional.

Then she met Cameron Friscia, a “clean-cut” slice of American pie, and things changed. It all began with a simple online meeting through the Raya social networking app. Because Friscia is an Army veteran and research associate at Coatue Management, Timpf and Friscia fell in love and finally got married.

The marriage was held outdoors in New York on May 1, 2021, with several Fox News employees in attendance as well as high-profile companions including Meghan McCain. Friscia changed Timpf’s cynical outlook on relationships, something she had previously admitted to being skeptical about.

“I believe the tone of the wedding was that everyone was clearly incredibly pleased for me, but also there was an element of astonishment, even for me, that this was genuinely happening,” said Timpf to People.

Having him in my life has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Kat Timpf Is a Modest Woman

Her star is definitely rising, but she has yet to make it to the Emmys or Golden Globes (unless, of course, she is nominated for either of those prizes) despite her growing popularity. Even though she’s well-known in the media, she doesn’t make as much money as her coworker and fellow Fox News host, Sean Hannity.

According to her profile, she isn’t residing in Manhattan’s poshest apartments. She doesn’t even seem to have a car, from what I’ve heard. On Fox Business News, she added, “Personally, I would have no idea how to get anyplace without Uber.”

Her website indicates that she and her husband reside in Brooklyn, which is where her bio states they met.

To get to where I am now, Timpf tweeted, “it took years of effort with poor wages, and even now my residence is a rental.” How much they have to spend each month for their apartment is heavily influenced by where they live in Brooklyn.

New York City’s most expensive neighborhood, Greenpoint, is home to some of the city’s swankiest residents who pay as much as $4,223 a month for a studio apartment, according to RentCafe’s data.

Timpf stated that even if her reputation and riches increased and she could afford to buy a property in Brooklyn, it wouldn’t provide much value for the money. In order to demonstrate her point, she shared a picture on Twitter of an unkempt cardboard house.

Kat Timpf Probably Makes Less Than Most Media Stars

With Fox News, Kat Timpf no longer has to rely on freelancing to make ends meet, due to a regular paycheck. Timpf snarkily tweeted, “I’m rich as hell now. However, she isn’t exactly making as much money as her coworkers are at her place of employment.

Timpf’s salary pales in comparison to those of Fox News stars like Sean Hannity ($45 million) and Tucker Carlson ($6 million). Greg Gutfeld, her employer, earns $7 million a year.

If Facts Buddy’s estimate is any indicator, Timpf isn’t exactly struggling. Including her Fox New pay, freelance work, paid appearances, and standup comedy, the publication projected Timpf’s annual income at $510,000. After six years at Fox News, she would have earned a total of $3.06 million in salary and other compensation.

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She’d be worth about $1.5 million if she had to spend half that much on things like rent and taxes.

Even though Timpf has had her share of obstacles, it’s impossible to deny that she’s made it. The suggestion that she represents the rich elite who haven’t battled given my background made her giggle, she once tweeted.

But she’s more wealthy than her husband, Cameron Friscia, who is estimated to be worth a million dollars by Celeb Hook. Is it safe to assume that if the idea of a prenup ever came up, she would have been the one to bring it up?

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