Boris Becker Net Worth 2022: Why Has Boris Becker Been Imprisoned?

According to the most current court filing data, Boris Becker’s net worth is estimated to be 26 million dollars, according to Forbes (including the hidden assets). Boris Becker is a former world number one tennis player from Germany. Boris Becker has won three Wimbledon Championships, two Australian Opens, and one US Open, giving him five Grand Slam singles titles. Boris Becker was found guilty of four charges brought against him under the Insolvency Act, and he was sentenced to 30 months in prison as a result of his conviction.

Early Life

Boris Franz Becker was born on November 22nd, 1967, in Leimen, West Germany, to a family of three brothers. Boris was brought up as a practicing Catholic. As a result of his father’s establishment of a tennis center in Leimen, Becker received his early tennis training at this facility. He mastered his craft at a young age and quickly rose to prominence.


Becker’s first professional doubles title came in 1984 after he turned professional. When he won the Wimbledon singles title in 1985, he made history as the first player to do so without being seeded. A string of remarkable victories followed, and Becker successfully defended his Wimbledon crown the following year. Later in his career, he developed a fierce rivalry with Stefan Edberg.

By the mid-1990s, his financial and marital problems had begun to impact his professional life. By 1995, he had announced his retirement after nearly missing out on the victory in the Monte Carlo Open. Becker had amassed 49 singles trophies and 15 doubles titles during his years as an active professional tennis player. Becker was well-known for never winning on clay grounds, preferring to compete on grass or other natural surfaces.

Career Earnings

Boris earned $50 million in salaries and sponsorships during his career. In today’s dollars, $50 million equals almost $120 million. He won a little more than $25 million in tournament prize money, precisely half of the total.


When Boris married Barbara Feltus in 1993, she was a model. In 1994, she gave birth to their first child while still pregnant. They had a second child in 1999. Boris requested a divorce in 2000. Prenuptial agreement: Barbara decided not to go through with it, saving Becker a $2.5 million initial payout.

In the end, she brought him to court and won a significantly higher payment. He was later found to be the father of a second kid during this marriage, and he was granted shared custody after a DNA test established he was the child’s biological father. Boris married Sharley Kerssenberg in 2009, after which he had two children with her. After that, they became parents to a kid before divorcing in 2018. Becker was rumored to be dating a model in 2019.

Post-Playing Ventures

Becker founded Volkl Inc. in 2000. Tennis rackets and clothes are among the company’s products. The German Tennis Federation and Bayern Munich football club have been among the institutions he has acted as an advisor. In addition, he became a well-known poker player who did well in various tournaments.

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Bankruptcy and Sentencing

Becker was declared bankrupt by a British judge in 2017. Becker was served with a summons in October of last year for nonpayment of debt. The amount of money that Becker owes has not been revealed, but some stories indicated that it was as high as $14 million. Hand-Dieter Cleven, his business advisor, said he was due $41 million.

Becker asserted that he was able to pay back the money he owed. Be that as it may, this was not the first time Becker had experienced financial difficulties.

Boris startled the globe with his announcement that he had diplomatic immunity from any lawsuits in June 2018. His designation as a diplomat by the Central African Republic gave him this status (CAR). Becker’s CAR passport turned out to be part of a stolen batch, and it was eventually exposed that this claim was a sham. According to reports, Angela Ermakova, a Russian model, gave birth to his child in a London nightclub in 1999 after he had a fling with her in a London nightclub in 1999.

Boris Becker

During Boris Becker’s bankruptcy liquidation in 2020, he was accused of failing to turn over his Wimbledon trophies. Becker was charged with a felony after he was found guilty of violating the provisions of his bankruptcy and failing to disclose information about his assets. He entered a not guilty plea to every one of them. Amidst all of this, he was also accused of transferring over a million pounds across multiple bank accounts.

A portion of Becker’s sports memorabilia collection was sold, collecting $860,000 to assist him in paying off his obligations. Following the discovery that Becker had allegedly concealed assets and transactions worth 4.5 million pounds, his bankruptcy restrictions were extended to 2031.

Why has Boris Becker been imprisoned?

Boris Becker, the former world number one tennis player, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison on Saturday morning [AEST] after being found guilty by a British court of charges about his 2017 bankruptcy.

Real Estate

Boris Becker purchased a 60-acre estate in Mallorca in the 1990s. The villa was reportedly valued at 9.4 million pounds at its height.

The 31,000-square-foot house was marketed for 13 million pounds in 2007. A group of settlers who had moved into Becker’s long-vacant Mallorcan estate in 2018 prevented him from selling it to pay off his debts. There are plans to make the house into “Neverland” from Peter Pan by some of the settlers who intend to stay for the foreseeable future.

Ten years ago, Becker’s land had a lot of promise. With 12 bedrooms, a gym, a pool, a basketball court, a tennis court, and horse stables, it’s the perfect place for a family.

The squatters demolished all of these features in a short period. More was taken: expensive furniture and anything else not secured with bolts. One settler’s attempt to power the pool with solar panels caused significant damage. The settlers were reportedly expelled in 2020 after it was discovered that they were filming pornographic material within the building.

Arbuthnot Latham, a British private bank, purchased Boris’s Mallorcan villa in November 2020 to pay off his debt.

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Boris Becker’s Net Worth

Ex-tennis player and coach Boris Becker has a net worth of $100,000. There was an incredible achievement for Becker in a brief period. He won Wimbledon at the tender age of 17 in 1985.

He remains the tournament’s youngest-ever victor to this day. At the start of his career, he was ranked number one in the world, and he would go on to win six Grand Slams. He won three Wimbledon titles, one U.S. Open, and two Australian Open crowns. Tennis legend Boris Becker mentored the likes of Novak Djokovic after retiring from the sport in 1999.

Frequently Ask Question

Where Did Boris Becker Lose His Money?

Due to an outstanding loan at his Mallorca villa, he was declared bankrupt in London on June 21, 2017. When it comes to finances, Becker’s lawyer described him as “not a sophisticated individual,” while a court’s registrar referred to the German as “a man who has his head in the sand.”

What Assets Did Boris Becker Hide?

He was found guilty of failing to declare a home in Germany, hiding an $870,127.50 bank loan, and owning shares in a Canadian technology company… He’d denied everything, stating he’d cooperated with the bankruptcy process and relied on his counsel while handing up his wedding ring as collateral.

How Much Did Boris Becker Hide?

This week Boris Becker was sentenced to two-and-a-half years behind bars for hiding £2.5 million in assets and debts to avoid paying his obligations.

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