Wayne Gretzky Net Worth: What Does He Do for a Living These Days?

Ice hockey player and head coach of the Canadian national team, Wayne Douglas Gretzky CC, is a native of Ontario, Canada. He was a member of four different NHL clubs for a total of 20 seasons, from 1979 to 1999.

Several sportswriters, players, the NHL, and The Hockey News have all labeled him “the Great One,” based on surveys of hockey writers, former players, general managers, and coaches. Gretzky is the all-time leading scorer in the NHL in terms of goals, assists, and total points.

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth

Early Life of Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky was born in Brantford, Ontario, on the 26th of January, 1961. In addition to being one of the greatest players in hockey history, he has had a profound impact on countless others. Gretzky started skating at the age of two. His parents and four siblings raised him.

With a backyard rink, Gretzky and his siblings were able to learn how to skate from their grandparents.

It wasn’t long before his name became known across Canada as a teen sensation. He was the third overall pick in the 1977 OMJHL draught. Gretzky’s NHL career began when he represented Canada at the Winter Olympics when he scored the most goals and finished first overall.

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Professional Career

In 1978, Gretzky signed a contract with the Indiana Racers. The team shut down and sold its young player to the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League.

He made his NHL debut the following season. He won the league’s Hart Memorial Trophy for his outstanding performance. The award was given to the player seen as the most important in the team.

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth

Because of his prodigious output on the ice, Wayne Gretzky earned the moniker “The Great One.” Gretzky was dealt with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1988 in exchange for a bevy of other players. He first wore a Kings jersey in the fall of 1988. Since then, the team has been led by Gretzky. He led the team to the 1993 Stanley Cup finals.

Wayne joined the St. Louis Blues in 1996. He was traded to the New York Rangers after just one season.

His NHL career came to an end in 1999 after three more seasons with the New York Rangers. One of the greatest hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky, is one of the most powerful scorers in history. He’s the holder of 61 NHL single-season records.

Personal Life

While working as a judge on the television show “Dance Fever,” Gretzky met Janet Jones, an actress. A year after they first met (in 1987), he proposed, and they were married the following year (in 1988).

Canada’s media called it “The Royal Wedding,” which apparently cost him over $1 million dollars. Three sons and two daughters make up the couple’s brood. They have a singer/model daughter named Paulina Gretzky who has been dating golfer Dustin Johnson since 2013. They are a family of four.

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth

Wayne Gretzky’s Net Worth

An ice hockey player from Canada, Wayne Gretzky is estimated to be worth $250 million. He has accumulated significant wealth thanks to his NHL contracts, endorsements, sponsorships, and incentives.

In 1978, Gretzky agreed to a $1.7 million personal service contract with the Indianapolis Racers of the World Hockey Association (WHA). After joining the NHL in 1979, he got a 10-year contract worth $3,000,000 million with the Edmonton Oilers. Similarly, he made $46 million in his 20-year career.

Additionally, he earned $50 million through endorsements while working in the fields. New York Rangers signed Gretzky to a two-year, $8 million contract as a free agent in 1997.

In 1996, he made $3,793,000 playing for the Los Angeles Kings and $4,000,000 playing for the Texas Rangers, according to networthbro.com.


In Thousand Oaks, California, Wayne and Janet Gretzky have a 13,000-square-foot house. The approximately 7-acre property has been heavily gated in order to protect the family’s privacy.

In addition to the six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and two guesthouses, the Colonial Revival-style mansion contains two guesthouses.

As a result, Lenny Dykstra, the man who was forced to sell the house by the Gretzkys in 2007, is now facing foreclosure on the property.

In 2018, the Gretzkys bought it back for $14.9 million. The stunning home, on the other hand, has been put back on the market at $22.9 million.

After going past the estate’s private entrance, a vehicle court with stunning 360-degree views of the Santa Monica Mountains and Lake Sherwood can be found. The first story of the estate is accessible through a large staircase in the mansion’s enormous lobby.

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth

Charities did by Wayne Gretzky

The Wayne Gretzky Foundation was formed by former NHL player Wayne Gretzky in 2002. He established the charity in order to offer underprivileged children the opportunity to play hockey.

He’s donating hockey gear and ice time, and he’s letting kids go to professional hockey games for free because of his generosity. Several important life skills, as well as emotional and social development, can be learned through playing hockey, according to the Wayne Gretzky Foundation.

An equally large number of fund-raising events and corporate sponsorship contributions are held by the foundation each year.

The foundation’s growth would not be possible without the help of celebrities and other sponsors. Wayne Gretzky, a former hockey player, has founded the Wayne Gretzky Foundation, which will receive all registration fees.

With the help of hockey players, the organization has been able to raise well over a million dollars. Among the organizations, Wayne Gretzky donates to and supports are the Arthritis Society of Canada, the Bone Marrow Foundation, the Casey Lee Ball Foundation, and Lupus Canada, to name just a few of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wayne Gretzky do for a living these days?

His family owns a restaurant and a winery in California, where he currently works and resides.

Which Hockey Player Has the Highest Net Worth?

Wayne Gretzky is the wealthiest hockey player in the world, according to Forbes.

Who is the tallest player in NHL history?

As of this writing, Chara has become the NBA’s tallest player. Without the use of skates, no one has ever come close to matching his 6-foot-9 size.

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