Welcome to Eden: When It Will Be Released?

Welcome to Eden (also known as Bienvenido an Edén) is a new Spanish science fiction television series premiere on Netflix in May. A teaser video for the show was posted by Netflix on Monday, March 28. One of the videos is a real teaser, and the other is a video announcing a special day for the performance. We’ll include them and all others we understand about the enigmatic new series in the section below.

If you enjoy mystery shows and Spanish-language dramas, Welcome to Eden is likely to become your new favorite TV to binge-watch. The concert appears to be hallucinogenic, mind-bending, and visually spectacular based on the limited amount of footage we’ve seen thus far.

Welcome to Eden release Date 

‘Welcome to Eden’ is a science fiction play produced in Spain. Five attractive young people are invited to the most exclusive party in town, and the tale revolves around them. What starts as a fun journey quickly transforms into a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the entire group.

The Netflix streaming service will begin offering all episodes of ‘Welcome to Eden’ on May 6.

Welcome to Eden plot

“Do you think you’re happy?” When Zoa and four other young, beautiful, and social media-savvy lads and girls respond positively to this inquiry, they are invited to the most exclusive party in history, which will be held on a private island and hosted by a new drink brand. It doesn’t take long for what starts as an exciting journey to become the trip of a lifetime. However, not everything is as it appears in paradise… “Greetings from the Garden of Eden.”

Welcome to Eden cast

Netflix has not issued an official cast list for the upcoming series, but here is what we know so far from the IMDb website about the actors who will appear in it.

  • Amaia Salamanca portrays Astrid Begoa Vargas, Bel’s mother.
  • Belinda Peregrn as Africa is played by Berta Vázquez, with Berta Vázquez as Claudia.
  • An Ana Wagener as a TBA.
  • Zoa, played by Amaia Aberasturi
  • Maika is played by Lola Rodrguez.
  • As Aldo, Albert Baró portrays
  • Claudia Trujillo in the role of Brenda
  • Gustavo Pfening portrays Erik in the film.
  • Sergio Momo will play Nico César Mateo in a TBA role.
  • TBA: Blanca Romero in place
  • Ernesto Josean Bengoetxea as Pete Luca Guerrero is played by Oscar Foronda.

Amaia Salamanca, of Gran Hotel fame, and Belinda, the Spanish-Mexican singer, and songwriter, are two of the most well-known members of the ensemble cast. However, while Belinda is best known for her music, she has also acted in numerous films and television shows, including Baywatch, Trolls, The Cheetah Girls 2, and others.

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Welcome to eden

Welcome to Eden is a film that you’re looking forward to seeing. If this is the case, you can add the series to your Netflix queue by creating a reminder on your account.


“Do you think you’re happy? As a result of Zoa’s response to this question, she, along with four other young, gorgeous, and social media active lads and girls, are invited to the most private party in history, which is taking place on an undiscovered island and being planned by the manufacturer of a new drink. What starts as a thrilling excursion will quickly develop into the trip of a lifetime for the group. However, paradise is not quite what it appears to be… “Welcome to the Garden of Eden.”

Welcome to Eden Trailer 

Netflix has recently released a trailer for its new science-fiction drama series “Welcome to Eden,” broadcast in Spanish. The teaser has already sparked interest on the internet because it is yet another bilingual Netflix drama, following in the footsteps of Elite, Money Heist, Narcos, and other popular shows. The launch of the new Spanish drama series, with all of its queer and dark secrets, is scheduled to take place in a month.

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Frequently Ask Question

Where Was Eden Filmed?

Adam and Eden were inspired by the natural beauty of Byron Bay and were photographed on location in New South Wales’ stunning Northern Rivers region.

Is Eden Anime for Kids?

Eden, a Netflix original anime, doesn’t quite live up to the expectations set by the show’s premise. Still, it is nonetheless a brilliantly presented science fiction story that is particularly well suited for older children and teens.

Is Eden a Real Place in Australia?

New South Wales, Australia’s Eden, is a coastal town located in the South Coast area.

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