The Passion of the Christ Resurrection: Is Passion of the Christ Based on a True Story?

The R-rated film The Passion of the Christ has remained one of the most popular. Like many other R-rated films that find a broad audience, the picture was not without its detractors. The film, directed by Gibson Gibson and starring Jim Caviezel, was criticized for its antisemitism and dubbed “a most violent film I have ever seen” by critic Roger Ebert.

Despite having starred as Jesus Christ in a phenomenally successful film, Jim Caviezel has struggled to find work in the years since The Passion of the Christ was released. His filmography includes religious productions such as Paul, Apostle of Christ, Onyx: Kings of the Grail, and other genre films. Over the years, he has appeared in some television series and some movies, maintaining a significant position in religious entertainment.

However, Caviezel will be returning to his most prominent role, as the actor revealed in a September 2020 interview with Breitbart that a sequel to The Passion of the Christ is actually in the works. The resurrection of Christ will be the focus of the sequel. Listed below is all we know so far about the future production, which Caviezel claims will be “the biggest film in the history of the globe.”

The Passion of the Christ Resurrection Release Date

Caviezel claimed that Mel Gibson is presently writing the script in an interview. The actor says, “This is the third photo Mel Gibson has sent me and the third draught. It’s on its way.”

As Gibson has stated, the script is clearly in the third draught stage. Who knows how often the script will be reworked before Mel is ready to begin filming?

When you visit the IMDb profile for The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection, you will see that the film is scheduled to be released in 2022. We won’t be able to provide a precise release date until, at minimum, a script has been completed, so keep a lookout for any new developments. Then again, those kinds of ambiguous timelines are susceptible to alteration. Still, with the COVID-19 pandemic delaying countless film and tv productions, it could be quite some time before filming on anything can restart.

Who Is in the Cast of the Passion of the Christ: Resurrection?

Jim Caviezel is anticipated to return to reprise his role as Christ Jesus in the film’s second installment (via Droid Journal). Others from the first 2004 film are likely to return. However, no formal confirmations have indeed been made at this writing.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see Maia Morgenstern repeat her part as Mary, Mother of Jesus, from the original film. Audiences could also expect Francesca DeVito and Santo Jivkov to reprise the roles of Simon and John, respectively.
Passion Of The Christ

Still, cast specifics are heavily behind wraps; with Gibson even now working on the script, certain characters can be introduced or taken away as time passes. Mary Magdalene star Monica Bellucci and Judas Iscariot star Luca Lionello are both expected to return, as is Pontius Pilate in Hristo Naumov Shopov’s cast of Pilate. Since the story will center on the events following Jesus’ death, it would be appropriate to include some of the people who were present when Jesus was in his final moments on earth.

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Is Passion of the Christ Based on a True Story?

Mel Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ is scarcely a historical factual. As the director himself states, critics, religious leaders, and many audience members concur, that the movie is aimed to bring to vibrant life the nature and enormity of Jesus’ suffering – an issue of religion rather than history.

What is the Plot of Resurrection?

As of the right moment, there’s only conjecture about what a prequel to The Passion of Christ is about. Based on the subtitle “Resurrection,” it’s safe to presume that it’ll take place three days after Jesus’ resurrection.

When Jesus is betrayed by Judas at the Last Supper and sentenced to die by Pontius Pilate, the first video focuses on his journey as he bears his cross to his final rest. It is during this journey that he is most likely to die. Jesus is then taken down from the crucifixion and buried, with the movie’s ending depicting Jesus exiting the tomb.

The sequel may portray what Jesus was up to in the three days before he rose from the grave in another universe. In addition, the movie will probably show what Jesus’ apostles did immediately after his crucifixion to demonstrate the earthly consequences of the event of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s all just conjecture for the moment being, however, until you hear from Mel Gibson directly on what the sequel contains.

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Frequently Ask Question

What Is the Controversy Over the Passion of the Christ?

One of the most legendary critics in the business called it “the most horrific picture I’ve ever seen.” In contrast, others questioned the historical accuracy of its portrayal of Jesus’ final days, and the film, The Passion, was criticized for its purported antisemitism and graphic violence.

Was Jim Caviezel Struck Lightning?

Caviezel portrays Jesus in Mel Gibson’s 2004 film The Blood of the Christ. He was hit by lightning, had his spleen ruptured, and was hospitalized with pneumonia and hypothermia while filming.

How Old Was Jim Caviezel When He Played Jesus?

Twenty months ago, The Hollywood Reporter initially reported that a prequel had been in the works. Still, it wasn’t clear until Tuesday if Gibson was interested in casting Jim Caviezel as Jesus once more in the film. The 49-year-old actor originally appeared in the role of Jesus as a 30-something Jesus in 2004.

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