Downton Abbey 2 Release Date: Why is Downton Abbey 2 Delayed?

Downton Abbey finally made its way to the big screen in 2019 with a motion picture that continues the adventures of the wealthy Crawley family and the colorful characters that work for them—and fans were, to put it mildly, happy with the outcome.

As a result of the film’s critical and box office success—and the staggering $194 million in worldwide box office receipts- it will begin production in April 2021, just as the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to ease.

Due to critical and box office success, a Downton Abbey sequel was quickly approved and will start filming in April 2021, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to die down. The movie made $194 million in worldwide box office sales.

When Will Downton Abbey 2 Come Out?

Downton Abbey 2 was promised to be in theatres “Christmas 2021” by Focus Features’ Twitter account. The movie will be released on December 22, 2021. However, because of the pandemic, that has been put back at least a few times. The new official release date for Clifton Abbey: A New Era is May 20, 2022; that’s the latest official release date.

Downton Abbey’s Cast Is Yet to Be Announced.

‘The complete Downton cast’ will return for Downton Abbey 2,’ Focus Features said in a tweet in April 2021.

According to a PEOPLE article from November 2021, when the first teaser trailer for the film was revealed, all of the Downton Abbey cast members would return for the sequel. We also know that Michelle Dockery, who played Lady Mary Talbot (née Crawley), and Tom Cullen, who played Lord Gillingham, will reprise their roles.

Lucy Smith’s on-screen daughter Tuppence Middleton has stated on Twitter that she will return for the sequel.

Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye, and Dominic West, who are all new to Downton Abbey, will join the group for the sequel. New cast members haven’t been given any information about their roles, including whether or not they’ll be rubbing shoulders with the Crawleys or cleaning pots with the servants.

Downton Abbey 2

Following the film’s release, the Downton Abbey production team immediately began discussing the possibility of a sequel. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly soon after the film’s debut, Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes stated that the film would most likely follow in the footsteps of the television series and first film, albeit with a slight time leap between them. He explained that the gap between the end of the first film and the beginning of the second “would allow us to wait a little bit longer for things to behave resolved themselves,” but he would not rule out a different course for the sequel to take.

As for the cast, many of them had been anticipating the return of Downton Abbey for quite some time. Rob James-Collier told Entertainment Weekly in 2019 that “everyone on the cast would love to do another one.” It’s no secret why we’ve managed to keep such a large ensemble together for so long: we enjoy our work and are passionate about what we do. Consequently, I would be overjoyed if they requested my return, and I would do it without hesitation.”

“We would love to do it; we are desperate to do it,” Bonneville said in an appearance on BBC Radio 2’s “The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show” in early 2021. “I think it’s the kind of pleasurable release of a movie like the first one that audiences would enjoy after all this mess we have been through,” he added.

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Why is Downton Abbey 2 Delayed?

Downton Abbey: A New Era’s premiere has been delayed yet again, citing fears that the current coronavirus pandemic may keep moviegoers away. The sequel to the 2019 film adaption has been pushed back from its original mid-March release date to Friday 29th April 2022 in the United Kingdom.

What Happened in the First Episode of Downton Abbey?

With Saint George (Simon Jones) and Queen (Geraldine James) on a royal tour, the first Downton Abbey film picks up roughly a year and a half after the end of the television series. Maud, Lady Dimmock (Imelda Staunton), Queen Mary’s lady-in-waiting, and Lucy Smith, her maid, are among the royal entourage. Violet resents Maud’s presence because she believes she should get her estate as the widower of her closest relative.

While the Crawleys are busy preparing the estate for the royal party, Lady Mary persuades Mr. Talbot to come off the bench and resume his head butler duties during the visit, which annoys the Crawleys’ current chief butler, Thomas Barrow. With Lady Edith’s clothing already altered by the Queen’s Royal Dresser, Barrow forms a friendship with the King’s Royal Dresser, Richard Ellis (Max Brown), which turns into a romance; with the entire Downton, crew mounting a subtle coup to reclaim control of the crucial supper.

Maud made Lucy Smith her heiress instead of Violet, Isobel figures out. Violet tells Mary she’s terminally ill after Maud and Violet clear the air, but she doesn’t say how long she has left. Lucy also develops feelings for Tom Branson, who foils an attempted assassination on the King. Violet, learning of Maud’s relationship with Lucy, immediately begins planning to marry Lucy and Tom.

Edith is delighted to find that her husband will not have to travel overseas, having lately revealed her pregnancy, while Daisy starts planning her wedding to Andy.

Downton Abbey 2 Trailer 

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Frequently Ask Question

Why Is Henry Talbot Not in the Downton Abbey movie?

Because Mary’s husband is once again absent from the plot, Henry’s role in the sequel remains unknown. And this isn’t the first time he’s been missing from the Downton Abbey franchise. Due to a business trip, he was missing primarily during the first film’s happenings.

Is Matthew Goode in the Second Downton Abbey Movie?

Matthew Goode, the Downton Abbey actor, is inexplicably absent from the trailer for the second film.

Will Lily James Be in Downton Abbey 2?

So yet, she hasn’t been confirmed to return in the sequel members like Hugh Dancy and Dominic West are included). During the first film’s premiere, Lily James voiced her delight for her co-stars, saying she was “very eager for it” and “going to be in the first row.”

Where Is Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey a New Era?

In the Downton Abbey: A New Era teaser trailer, Henry Talbot, Mary’s spouse, and Tom’s partner, is not seen in the Downton Abbey. The preview shows the family posing for wedding pics, but Henry is nowhere to be found. Henry only appears in the first film for a quick cameo to explain why he was required on a business trip. Matthew Goode portrays him.

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