Apex Legend Season 13: How the Ranking System Will Be Changed?

There are only two weeks left in Defiance, thus season 13 of Apex Legends is only a matter of time. There will be new legends, games, and maps to discover in the next season, which has been dubbed “Savior.”

Check out our guide to Apex’s upcoming Saviors season.

Apex Legends Season 13: Release Date

Apex’s 13th season is set to begin on May 10. And Respawn will continue to tease the upcoming season with new teasers like “Hero,” which will be unveiled on April 28th as part of Stories from the Outlands.

Apex Legend Season 13

Who is the new legend in apex legend season 13?

The newest member of the Outlands’ most popular blood sport is a well-known figure. Jackson Williams, brother of Bangalore, is actually Newcastle, who qualified for the Apex Games as Newcastle and has been using that moniker for a long time.

Wraith discovered a death certificate for Jackson on Solace, and it was Bangalore’s intention to leave the games and inform her family about Jackson’s passing when she suddenly realizes that the new legend she fights alongside in the launch trailer is her brother. 

Newcastle’s uniform emphasizes shields and the ability to defend one’s teammates. There is a good chance that he can drag downed comrades quicker than they can crawl while protecting himself from harm by using a modest personal shield.

Apex Legend Season 13

How the ranking system will be changed?

The splash page also stated that the game’s ranked mode will be changing, but did not clarify what those changes would be. At least one of the most desired ranked changes will be implemented in season 13: the demotion of ranks.

In ranked mode, players might go from Bronze to Silver to Gold and so on at any time during its existence. Once a player gained a certain rank, the system prevented them from falling below it.

Higher ranks saw a spike in players who had made it to Platinum, Diamond, or Masters but couldn’t move up any farther because of this situation. Although they could not win any more ranking points, the game held them in the same position.

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Apex Legend Season 13

Apex Legends Season 13: Trailer

To demonstrate the many shielding abilities of the newest Apex Legend, a new trailer has been released. There are some intense clashes and a sea-faring monster to be shown in the first teaser for Apex Legends’ upcoming season, Savior. Newcastle’s skills are also shown off.

It’s hard not to notice Newcastle, who appears to be the game’s newest Legend, which aligns with a leak from earlier this year. Earlier in the Stories from the Outlands movie, it was revealed that Newcastle was Jackson, Bangalore’s younger brother.

When Bangalore realized that the suspiciously disguised Newcastle was actually her long-lost brother, she had no idea what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the upcoming Apex season last?

In addition to new battle passes and cosmetic items, as well as new legends, weapons, and maps, each season adds a fresh batch of game material for a period of three months or more.

Who is Blisk in Apex Legends?

In the Apex Legends video game Kuban Blisk is a South African mercenary pilot who served in the IMC’s troops before forming the Apex Games after the Frontier War ended.

Is there any reason why Blisk spared Cooper?

Blisk, saves Cooper and even offers a standing invitation to the Apex Predators before withdrawing, much to the outrage of General Marder.

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