ICA Approval: How to Acquire Green Light From the ICA?

The Identity and Citizenship (ICA) program is run by the federal government, however, UAE residents with valid visas can return to the country without obtaining prior clearance from the federal government. This is good news for those who have been away from home for a long time.

Using a reliable website, you only need to submit your passport number, Emirates ID, passport data, and nationality-related questions.

How to know if the application has been approved by the ICA?

  • An instant notification will be out with quick verification of the status of your entry.
  • A green light indicates that you can easily enter the United Arab Emirates.
  • The booking of your plane ticket can also be expedited if you receive any communication approving your entry into the country.

ICA Approval

How to acquire green light from the ICA?

If you want to see if your application has been approved by the ICA, follow these procedures:

  1. Apply for the form through the website.
  2. The name, place of birth, and passport information you have on file should also be included.
  3. Before the flight, include your COVID-19 reports 96 hours in advance.
  4. Take the COVID-19 UAE test at any of the certified COVID-19 UAE laboratories.
  5. You will be able to verify your UAE entrance status when you submit the ICA application for approval.
  6. You will receive a green signal once your application has been completely vetted and approved.

How can I know if my ICA is red or green?

In order to determine if your signal is green, perform the actions listed below:

  1. Add your passport number, Emirates ID, type of passport, and current nationality to the ICA approval link.
  2. Go ahead and verify your identity by clicking on Captcha.
  3. Click on the Check button to confirm your Dubai entry requirements have been met, and then click the Check tab again.
  4. After obtaining this notice, you are free to proceed with your vacation plans.
  5. The message appears on a red banner.

ICA Approval

Is there a process for getting ICA Approval for my project?

It’s necessary for people who have traveled from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, and Nigeria to the United States to fill out the ICA permission form.

  1. Specify your arrival date and time in the services section. Please include your full name, passport number, and emirate of residence.
  2. Vaccination records should be included as well.
  3. Two days before the flight’s departure date, the PCR test results must be submitted.
    Sign a declaration and upload your passport and photo.
  4. Press the Send button to receive an official email notification.

Is the ICA’s approval required?

Residents of the UAE returning to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or any other part of the country are exempt from this restriction. Visitors and ex-pats should still check-in at the airport to ensure they have ICA approval.

Final Thoughts

Here’s some information on the ICA’s decision. There is no longer any need for UAE visa holders stuck elsewhere to be approved before they can return home.

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