Elite Season 6 Will Have a Few New Faces, but Who Will We Say Goodbye to?

Despite the fact that Elite season 5 has only recently premiered, Netflix has already revealed that the program will be renewed for a sixth season.

Since the premiere of the first season of Elite in 2018, people all over the world have been enthralled by the teen drama. It portrays the fictional narrative of Las Encinas, a prominent Madrid school where money, murder, and mayhem rule the lives of its students.

Here’s all you need to know about Elite season 6: the release date, cast, trailer, and spoilers.

Is there a sixth season of Élite in the works?

Élite was extended for a sixth season in October 2021, so yep, it’s finally happening. Netflix verified the major news while also announcing the release of new short narrative episodes in December 2021.

There is currently no information on when Elite Season 6 will be released. Season 6 is expected to premiere in 2023, based on the fact that Season 5 was just released. Seasons of Elite usually air once a year, therefore season 6 will most likely air in the first part of next year, with some Elite Short Stories in between.

Who will return in Elite Season 6?

As of yet, none of the Elite cast members have stated whether or not Season 5 will be their final season. That said,

These casts appear to be on their way out. Benjamin strikes Samuel at the end of season 6, and he busts his head open. Samuel’s fate is currently unknown, whether he dies or survives.

Elite Season 6

The cast that might come back includes:

  • Carla Díaz as Ari
  • Martina Cariddi as Mencía
  • Manu Rios as Patrick
  • Pol Granch as Phillipe
  • Valentina Zenere as Isadora
  • André Lamoglia as Iván

Netflix also revealed in January 2022 that season 6 would feature five new actors. Currently, no one knows who they’ll be playing.

  • Carmen Arrufat Blasco
  • Ana Bokesa
  • Álvaro de Juana
  • Alex Pastrana
  • Ander Puig

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What will be the storyline of Elite Season 6?

We don’t know much about the Elite season 6 narrative right now, but we can assume Benjamn has been sentenced to prison and Samuel has either survived or died in his attack. There will be plenty of new drama involving the new characters in Season 6 if the original cast members (Samu, Omar, Rebe, and Caye) decide to leave.

If Patrick and Iván can overcome their differences, they may be able to have a long-term relationship. The pupils of Las Encincas are poised to become embroiled in yet another major mystery, no matter what occurs.

Elite Season 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a special episode of Elite for the Christmas season?

That’s right! Also confirmed: Christmas-themed special episodes of Elite will air later this year in addition to the already scheduled seasons 5 and 6.

  • Elite: Short Stories – Dec. 15
  • Elite: Short Stories – Dec. 20
  • Elite: Short Stories – Dec. 23

Who was Lou with at the end of season 2?

In Season 2, Valerio returns to Lu’s life. When it comes to love, they’ve kept it a secret. In the meantime, she has a sexual relationship with Valerio. After Marina’s death, she comforted Guzmán and joined his family in Asturias for the summer.

Where can we watch the Elite series?

All the five seasons of Elite are available to stream on Netflix.

Is the trailer of Elite Season 6 out?

For the time being, no. The new season’s trailer will likely be delayed a little longer due to the fact that production on Season 6 barely began two months ago. The trailer of elite season 5 is given below:

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