Death Note Season 2 Release Date: Where Can You Watch It?

The Death Note series is a must-see if you’re a fan of fantasy and thriller anime and have yet to see it in its entirety. There’s excellent news for all of you, fans. The second season of Death Note is on its way. Here are the most recent updates.

Based on the popular manga series of the same name, Death Note is a Japanese psychological-supernatural criminal thriller produced by Madhouse, one of Japan’s largest production firms. It was written by Tsugumi Ohba, and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. In 2006, an anime television adaptation of the Madhouse manga was produced.

Death Note Season 2

It became a worldwide sensation. The fact that countless spin-offs have been made since then indicates the franchise’s appeal. It’s Netflix’s adaptation of three whole movies, two video game series, and an entire TV show.

Although the Original series is the benchmark, nothing can be compared. So, the second season is a must-have for fans. Listed below are all of the most recent updates.

Is there going to be Death Note Season 2?

Since the original ‘Death Note’ anime debuted, we’ve been eagerly awaiting a follow-up. Death Note 2 may already be in the works, according to many rumors. No official word yet on if there will be a sequel to the original anime.

You may be asking why it took so long for Madhouse to come out with a follow-up to the series, given the series’ enormous popularity. The scarcity of primary sources is one of the primary factors.

In the original 12-volume manga series, the 37-episode animation pretty well covers all of the material. There were a few tweaks made throughout the filming process, but the overall storyline stayed true to the manga and ended in a similar location.

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Death Note Season 2: Expected Cast

Without Ryuk, the cunning original owner of ‘Death Note,’ there will be no ‘Death Note.’ In the event that there is a new season of “Death Note,” we can expect to see him again.

The story of Light has been ended in the first ‘Death Note’ anime. As a result, he may never return. Second-season adaptations of Death Note: Special One-Shot are expected to include Minoru Tanaka in the lead role once again.

Rumors have claimed that we’ll see a new cast of characters among some old characters.

What will be the storyline of Death Note Season 2?

Season 1’s plot revolves around the life of Light Yagam, a Shinigami who received a magical book called “Death Note” from Ryuk. The book is, in fact, a book of death, as the title suggests.

If you know the face and name of a person you will not kill, it is enough. The book is used by the light to slay a number of bad guys. By killing all criminals, he hoped to make the world a safer place.

No one could figure out who was killing so many people, so an investigative unit known as “Kira’s task force,” led by an officer by the name of L, was formed to track out the killer. He gave the assassin the name Kira.

Death Note Season 2


Another Shinigami, Rem, leaves a second message that is later discovered by a girl named Meso. In the end, she became his girlfriend after doing the same as light. They killed L because he was an impediment to their goal.

After Near and Mello became L and solved the crimes, they became the new L. As a result, Ryuk killed Light by putting his name in the Death notebook and taking him into custody. He announced himself to be the new world’s God just before he died.

That’s all there is to season 2, as season 1 ended on a high note. But hold on, there’s more. Season 2 will be based on the manga’s second chapter, which began serialization in 2020, provided it is ever made.

Is the trailer of Death Note season 2 out?

Since there has been no official announcement of the sequel to the series yet, we can’t even consider a trailer at this point. However, the series is expected to be released at end of 2022 at the earliest. To watch the Season 1 trailer, simply click on the video.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where to watch the Death Note season 1?

Anime lab, Hulu, and Netflix carry it. Even if you have no subscription, you won’t miss anything! On YouTube, the series is also available for free viewing.

What is the significance of Death Note in the story?

It is a mystical book that can be used to murder people. To kill someone, one only needs to know the person’s name and face.

Which one is smarter, L or Light?

As a Death Note character, L Lawliet is far more intelligent than Light Yagami. Kira’s IQ may be lower than Light’s, but L’s deductive skills, planning, and attention to detail are significantly superior.

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