Campione Season 2 Release Date: How has Kasunagi Godou’s role evolved?

In the summer of 2012, Campione, a light novel turned into an anime. Due to its substantial fan service, Campione garnered largely positive reviews.

With its well-developed story and fan service, the anime defied all expectations of the Ecchi genre. An Ecchi anime is not recognized for its gripping plots, developed characters, and surprising twists.

In addition, Studio Diomedea’s animations were excellent. A cliffhanger concluded the series, as it was.

The first season premiered eight years ago, and fans have been eagerly anticipating a follow-up. A recap and discussion of the first season of Campione will follow in this section.

Who will return in Campione Season 2

  • Erica Blandelli Voiced by Yōko Hikasa
  • Godou Kasunagi Voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
  • Yuri Mariya Voiced by Kana Hanazawa
  • Liliana Kranjčar Voiced by Eri Kitamura
  • Ena Seishuin Voiced by Yuka Saitō
  • Sasha Dejanstahl Voban Voiced by Unshō Ishizuka

Campione Season 2


What will be the storyline of Campione Season 2

Among the main characters is Kasunagi Godou, a 16-year-old middle school baseball player who was forced to retire due to an injury.

Earlier in the year, his grandfather had assigned him the responsibility of returning a stone tablet to an Italian stone table for a family member who lived in the country. He runs into Erica Blandelli, a Knight of the Copper Black Cross, while on his way to return the tablet. She threatens him with death if he does not return the device.

As Verethragna met him, she informed him that he is the one who has caused Gods from other planets to endure defeat because he has grown tired of always winning.

In the end, he magically defeated a God of War, which earned him the Italian moniker “Campione,” which translates to “champion.”

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How has Kasunagi Godou’s role evolved?

In his new role as God Slayer, he is tasked with taking on the Gods who put the lives of those living at his territory in jeopardy. As a god in his own right, he takes on the role of a warrior against demons.

He’ll be promoted to a better position in paradise if he executes his job right. It appears straightforward, but he’ll have to deal with a number of difficulties that will make his life and the lives of others around him more difficult.

‘Campione’ has a strong plot, interesting characters, exciting action, a blossoming romance, and amusing and well-placed fan service, among other things.

It is a true treasure of a show that anyone who enjoys ecchi, magic, romance, or even action should see.

Campione Season 2

Campione Season 2: Release Date

Since its inception in 2012, the sitcom has aired all six episodes of season 1 In September of that year, ABC aired a 13-episode series. 24 minutes per episode was the length of the entire series.

There has been much anticipation for a second season of the show since the premiere of the first one.

After a light novel concluded in 2017, the show’s anime has been on the air for more than eight years. As a result, the release date of the second season of the show has been severely pushed back.

Due to the time difference between the first and second seasons, the show’s original buzz has faded, and there is currently little interest in a second season.

No word on whether or not this anime will be renewed or canceled yet, despite some sources claiming that season 2 will begin in 2022, even though light animation ended in 2017.

Campione Season 2: Trailer

The trailer for season 2 is not released yet. Here is the trailer of season 1 below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Campione end up?

When Godou realized that he couldn’t live without Erica because of her constant commitment and love, she demonstrated to him that she meant every word she spoke and sacrificed a lot for him, which made him fall in love with her.

Are there any good reasons to see Campione?

Campione isn’t horrible, despite my disappointment and my belief that it could have been even better. Seeing it is an enjoyable experience that will not leave you disappointed.

Where can you see Campione?

On Crunchyroll and VRV, you can watch “Campione! – Season 1” for free with ads or purchase it for download on Amazon Video and Microsoft Store.

Final Thoughts

The anime’s second installment hasn’t been set in stone, and it’s possible that the show’s producers are too busy with their schedules or have other plans for this year. This post will be updated as soon as we acquire further information.

We’ll see you again soon in our next post, so don’t forget to bookmark our site.

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