“All the Old Knives” Ends With a Shocking Twist. The Identity of Mole Has Been Revealed!

Chris Pine appears to be well on his way to being the leading actor in the action-thriller genre after the release of ‘The Contractor’ and ‘All the Old Knives.’ The CIA is the focus of ‘All the Old Knives,’ series.

In the company of equally flawless actors such as Thandiwe Newton, Laurence Fishburne, and Jonathan Pryce, Pine makes an effortless performance as a spy investigating the hijacking of Flight 127 and the following killings of all passengers and crew.

“All the Old Knives” has wrapped up. Here is everything what you need to know about the final scene.

What does the story of All the Old Knives revolve around?

While in Vienna, Henry Pelham (Pine) learns from his supervisor Vick (Fishburne) about the reopening of the Flight 127 case eight years after the terrorist group Al-Da’irat hijacked the Turkish Alliance flight and killed everyone aboard. Ilyas Shishani, a Chechen national, was arrested for the hijacking.

It is possible that before his death, he admitted to having gotten critical intelligence from inside the Vienna station, hinting that there was an infiltrator there. So who is Bill Compton (Jonathan Pryce)? He made a phone call to a Tehran number from his workplace. At the time, that extension wasn’t just being used by Bill.

All the Old Knives

Henry’s lover and coworker Celia Harrison (Newton) was working under Bill’s direct supervision, thus she too might have made the call.

Henry then travels to London and Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, to meet with Bill and Celia and question them. Henry’s talk with Bill and Celia and the hijacking incident as it unfolded eight years earlier are intertwined in the tale. Celia has a husband and two children now.

As fate would have it, she and Henry end up meeting at a stunning water front restaurant. There are only an elderly couple and themselves in the house. Henry speaks to Treble (the assassin), before entering the restaurant.

When Treble appears, it becomes clear that he intends to kill Celia. Henry is assured that he will clear things up with him before he goes through with the plan.

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Chris Pine’s Thriller, ‘All the Old Knives,’ Ends with a Shocking Twist:

Twist in the story: Celia informs Henry she has proof that he was the one who called Bill’s phone and gave the terrorists the information they needed about Ahmed. Her decision to leave him and the agency was motivated by her love for him, even though she never tipped off the cops about his activities. Because Henry knows she’s innocent, Celia is devastated that he would try to bring this case against her.

Also, she reveals to him that Vick has known all along. Henry’s name was revealed to be Ilyas Shishani’s. This was all a ruse to kill Henry for being a traitor and cover it up. You can count on your server, bartender, chef, and even your tablemates to be on board with your scheme. Only a few minutes remain in Henry’s life after his wine was poisoned.

Henry explains to Celia in his final moments why he betrayed the CIA: to preserve her life. In case you missed it, Celia had a strange meeting with the Muslim Women’s Foundation. Henry was at a meeting with Ilyas Shishani, the man responsible for the attack, while Celia was at that meeting.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Ilyas Shihani is Henry’s former Russian informant. Due to American sanctions, Shishani was tortured and his daughter perished. Having been falsely accused of being a terrorist by Russia, he went on to become one.

Henry’s nemesis, Ilyas Shishani, has been avenged. If Henry doesn’t provide over information to the terrorists, he’ll release Celia to Henry’s men, who will kill her unless he does. A desperate Henry reveals Ahmed to Ilyas on the plane, rescuing Celia and sparing her own life. When she returned to the workplace, he gave her a beautiful kiss. Now we know why.

In the end, does Celia die?

All the Old Knives

Celia discovers that Henry has always been in love with her in the current day. His final words to her are that he loves her and asks her to go quickly before he passes away. She has a good grasp of the subject. The assassin Henry hired calls, Henry, wondering if he should kill Celia.

In the end, the assassin does not kill Celia, but we’re left wondering what Henry might have said if he had been able to respond. Then why didn’t the man say, “No,” as I expected him to? Right?!

We’ll never know, I guess. Last but not least, we see Vick receiving the devastating news that his beloved Henry has died, as Celia wanders along the street reflecting on their prior love affair. Then she returns to her normal life with her husband and child. Good news: she’s alive and well! The film concludes with that.

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