Hard Cell Release Date: What major roles has Catherine Tate played?

Comedian Catherine Tate will be bringing her new Netflix series Hard Cell in April 2022, in which she will satirize the harsh realities of prison life. HMP Woldsley, a fictitious prison, serves as the backdrop for a mockumentary-style comedy in which Catherine plays a variety of characters.

Known for her work on The Catherine Tate Show and in the Doctor Who universe, the British comedian and actress will star in and direct the whole six-episode run of the new series.

Hard Cell: Release Date

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022, Netflix will release a complete series containing all six episodes of Hard Cell. This comedy will be released on Netflix all over the world.

What is the storyline of Hard Cell?

In Hard Cell, Catherine Tate manages to strike a balance between levity and the exploration of critical issues surrounding the prison system. Hard Cell is a documentary-style comedy set in a fictional female prison, HMP Woldsley, that is set in the 1970s.

Governor Laura Willis, who believes that creativity is the key to rehabilitation, as well as Big Viv, a psychopath lifer, are just a few of the characters Catherine plays. This six-week drama follows the inmates as they prepare for a musical production produced by Cheryl Fergison, formerly of the EastEnders.

Rehearsals bring together a diverse group of women who are discovering their own voices, gaining confidence, and strengthening their bonds as they work together. Hard Cell is a funny and unexpectedly emotional film that delves into the hilarious reality of prison life.

Hard Cell

As defined by the show’s producers, the plot revolves around “a documentary team following inmates and employees at HMP Woldsley, catching the penal system at its most cruel and hilarious.”

In the meantime, executive producer Kristian Smith has this to say: “We are extremely excited to be able to show people the inside of HMP Woldsley, our imaginary jail inhabited by the brilliant inventions of Catherine Tate, when it premieres on Netflix. This series is both humorous and heartbreaking at the same time since it depicts what life may be like in a female correctional facility in the United Kingdom.”

Who will be the cast of Hard Cell?

In the series, Catherine Tate will play six characters:

Hard Cell

Laura: She is HMP Woldsley’s governor. She’s a self-proclaimed prison reformer who believes that performing musicals in prison will allow her to spread her message that creativity leads to rehabilitation. As a “bleeding heart liberal in kitten heels,” her critics would be right to call her that.

Ros: Among the inmates, ROS is well-liked and loves to bounce around. Loves her prison wife Suds, and appears to love her pen-pal boyfriend Sebastian but is in truth, rinsing him for all he’s worth. What? It’s not her fault that people are so trusting.

Ange: First-timer ANGE feels apprehensive. Her timidity makes her an easy target for predators in her new surroundings. Her credo is “People are inherently kind,” and she lives up to it, overcoming her worries, adjusting, and even discovering her jail walk.

Big Viv: Inmates and captives alike are terrified of “BIG VIV.” She’s dangerous, unpredictable, and loves to sing — all the qualities you’d look for in a cellmate. In the course of her involvement with the musical, Vivienne develops a love for theatre that she hadn’t known she had.

Marco: He works as a security guard in Essex. In the last 32 of Love Island, he has nothing left to prove to anyone. Only took the job since it doesn’t require changing tubes to get to work but was more concerned with how he looked than anything else.

Anne Marie: She is Ros’ mother. An ex-con who comes to her daughter’s house whenever she runs out of money and is tough as nails. In spite of her daughter’s unconditional affection, she is contemptuous and acerbic in her approach.”

Hard Cell: Trailer

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