Has the Bubble Disappointed Its Audience? Honest Movie Reviews

This movie is for those who are ready to laugh at the plight of the epidemic. The Bubble, directed by Judd Apatow, may be seen on Netflix. On April 1st, it was made public. The plot revolves around the production of Cliff Beasts 6, the sixth installment in the Cliff Beasts franchise, and how COVID-19 affects the process, with amusing results. However, the superb cast and crew of The Bubble and its funny ideas may win you over to this pandemic comedy.

The Bubble: Cast

  • Karen Gillan as Carol Cobb
  • Pedro Pascal as Dieter Bravo
  • Leslie Mann as Lauren Van Chance
  • Fred Armisen as Darren Eigan
  • David Duchovny as Dustin Mulray
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Sean Knox
  • Kate McKinnon as Paula
  • Guz Khan as Howie Frangopolous
  • Peter Serafinowicz as Gavin
  • Maria Bamford as Krystal’s mom

The Bubble

Reviews from Viewers

  • A large portion of The Bubble is made up of tedious passages in which everyone is exerting themselves to the point of exhaustion while getting absolutely no response from the audience in the form of laughter.
  • When the skilled and funny cast goofs off with one other, responding to each other’s quirks, the picture is at its best.
  • An insufferable comedy that shows up way too late and has nothing to say.
  • The movie has its share of somewhat amusing moments, but it also has its share of cringe-worthy ones. Jokes that don’t make any sense are among the worst. What is marketed as a spoof of Hollywood blockbuster filmmaking amid the pandemic turns out to be about a group of entitled rich people having tantrums because they don’t get what they want.
  • You need a good sense of humor, and this was a perfect example of that! The two weeks of quarantine shown in the film were remarkably true. You can bet on it! It was amusing and enjoyable! Loved it.

Ratings of The Bubble

The ratings of the movie are pretty low which emphasizes that the users were not satisfied.

  • 25% – Rotten Tomatoes
  • 6/10 – IGN
  • 1.5/5 – IndieWire
  • 4.9/10 – IMDb


The Bubble

What does the plot of the bubble revolve around?

Taking set in October 2020, The Bubble centers on Cliff Beasts 6’s cast and crew. Filming must continue despite the pandemic for the latest Cliff Beasts blockbuster. For this reason, producers have decided to put the entire cast and crew in a “bubble” at a luxurious European hotel, where they will not have any interaction with the outside world.

There are only so many TikToks and Zoom calls the players can have with their families before the cast and crew are pushed to their breaking point by medicines, an influenza outbreak, and isolation. No pandemic-induced isolation would have made this combination of fame-hungry celebs, desperate studios and a director who thinks his summer snack picture is a work of art worthy of the world’s attention hilarious. Apatow fans are eager to see how this all comes together and whether The Bubble will enter the ranks of his most beloved works.

It was inspired by the real-life difficulties that the cast and crew of Jurassic World: Dominion faced during the making of that movie’s 2020 sequel, Jurassic World: Evolution.

Trailer of The Bubble

Final Thoughts

The audience gave the film a mixed reaction. There were some who liked it, but the majority did not. Furthermore, the user ratings were quite poor, which indicates that the viewers were not pleased.


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