Make Your Relationship Strong With These Amazing Couple Pranks!

Happy relationships are more likely to last when the two people in them have a lot of fun laughing together. In this light, April 1 is an excellent time for pranks to improve the bond between you and your significant other!

Tricks to Play on Your Boyfriend This April Fools’ Day

Couple Pranks

  • Send Him a NUDE photo 

Inquire about his interest in seeing some gorgeous nude photos by texting him. Make sure to give him a lot of lipstick colors in the shade “Nude” after he accepts your proposal. A truly nasty April Fools’ Day prank to do on your lover over the phone, this is one of the naughtiest ideas ever.

  • It’s a Tattoo Secret

In his honor, create an outrageous tattoo with a permanent marker. For the most part, the sillier the better Consider telling him how much you’d love to see them both get matching tattoos.

  • Embarrassing ringtone

Put an embarrassing ringtone on his phone. Send him out on an errand with the volume set at “max.” Call him when he’s out in the open. It’s likely that he won’t even notice that his phone is producing all the noise, making it much more humiliating for him as people keep gazing.

  • It’s an Autocorrect error!

Go into the settings of his phone when he’s not looking. As a result, alter the autocorrect to include something else than what he is used to using.

Tricks to Play on Your Girlfriend This April Fools’ Day

Couple Pranks

  • The engagement ring is missing

Did your girlfriend give you a ring Either pretend you lost the ring and assist her in making you “find it,” or simply watch her ask so many questions and panic out as an April Fools’ joke.

  • Introduce yourself as the proud new owner of an abandoned sick animal 

Pretend you went to an animal shelter and couldn’t resist the temptation to adopt one of the animals there. The shelter’s website may be found on Google, and you can take a screenshot of it from there. Watch them turn white as they go through the animal’s pharmaceutical and physical rehabilitation regimen.

  • Make her a dish that she will never want to eat again.

Getting her enthused about the meal you’re preparing is as simple as telling her you’re going to make it and how wonderful it will be. Make it look as presentable as possible so that after he eats it, he will try to hide his reaction by making it look as decent as possible.

  • Wrap all of her beauty products in tinfoil

Wrap all of her goods in tinfoil and make her so annoyed that she’ll shorten her skincare or cosmetics routine. Then she’ll be able to see which products she reaches for the most. Get all of her supplies wrapped. It’s possible that she’ll thank you afterward, but this is doubtful.

  • Make a change to her morning coffee ritual

Switching her morning brew can fool her, especially if she relies on it to get up and go. Watch her all day and see if she notices that her coffee is now decaf.

Final Thoughts

This is a list of the best April Fools’ Day pranks for your significant other that you may use for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or any loved one.

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