Do You Want to Prank Your Parents? Here Are the Best Pranks to Play on Your Parents This April Fool’s Day

Pranking your parents is a great way to have fun together. If you are looking for the best April Fool pranks to do on your parents this year, this is the right place.

Here are ten of the funniest April Fools’ Day practical jokes you can play on your parents this year.

  • Spoiled bread

You’ll be fooling your parents this April Fools’ Day when you convince them that the bread they just bought at the supermarket is already rotting. Remove the top slice of bread. Next, apply a few drops of green food colouring. Then, when they assume they’ve gotten a rotting bread, replace the top slice to hide the coloured smear.

spoiled bread

  • There will be no more soap

There is nothing better than playing this April Fools’ prank on parents who use bar soap in the bathroom sink or shower! Take the soap bar and completely dry it off when they’re not looking. After that, use clear nail polish to cover everything up. Nothing will happen the next time a member of your family tries to lather soap!

  • Changing the keys

Snatch your parents’ keys when they’re occupied and take advantage of the opportunity. When you’re done, remove all of the keys from each ring and record where they came from.
When you’re done with the first ring, put all the keys from the second onto the third and so on. Unfortunately, when it comes to starting their cars, your parents won’t have the correct key!

  • Tilted Mug Prank 

Try the Upside down mug trick. Put a cutting board on top of the mug with water, sprinkles, etc., and flip it over.
Clean up any messes. and Put a dollop of whipped cream on top.
Say you made hot chocolate for your parents. The sprinkles will come out when they lift the mug, surprising them.

  • Infused with colour

This innocuous prank will cause your parents to be concerned about the quality of their drinking water. Gel food colouring can be applied on the outside of the faucet’s spout with a cotton ball. Once they’ve filled their glass to the brim, keep an eye on them and see whether they panic.

  • Trim the sheets

short the sheets

As an alternative to a full-sized fitted sheet or top sheet, you can just fold over the top sheet and tuck a portion under your mattress. You won’t believe your ears when your parents’ feet suddenly strike the fold in bed!

  • Splattered Blood

Only a few minutes before your parent is about to use the mug, use a red dry erase marker to colour the underside of the handle. If your parent keeps it on the coffee maker, put the mug back on the coffee maker or in the front of the cupboard. At first glance, the handle should be hidden from view.
Once they’ve set the mug down, your parents’ hands will be crimson and they’ll think they’re bleeding. Use a dry erase pen to make it easier to remove.

  • Cookie twist

Do your parents have a sweet tooth? For those who enjoy  Sandwich-style cookies, this prank is for you! Grab one Oreo and slowly twist the cookies apart. Scrape the icing off using a butter knife, then replace it with white toothpaste. You can see how surprised your parents are when you reassemble the Oreo and hand it to them.

  • Pillow with balloons

Remove your parents’ pillows from their pillowcases. Fill their pillowcases with inflated balloons instead. When they go to sleep, they’ll be greeted by a squeaky, airy surprise. If their heads are too heavy, a pop could even scare them!


  • Clothing Exchange

clothing exchange

Put everything from his top drawer into hers, and then put her clothes in his drawer as well. Continue down their dressers until you reach the bottom.
You will laugh at the sight of them scrambling for their clothes once this trick works.

Final Thoughts

In order to avoid getting grounded, it’s best if you choose an amusing prank that your parents would enjoy.  This title covers the best ideas for a safe April Fool’s Day.

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