Make the Most of April 1st With These Amazing School Pranks!

It’s finally here, April 1st! Even if you’re not a fan of the day of pranks, there are some that are just too amazing to pass up. Because we enjoy a good-natured practical joke, we’ve compiled a list of school-approved practical jokes that are sure to make you laugh. Let’s get this game started!

Top 5 April Fool Prank for Students

While most practical jokes are played on a small number of people, some of these have fooled large numbers of people and made news throughout the world.

April Fool Day

  • Lollipops made out of fake Broccoli

Let your students try some lollipops on April Fool’s Day and see how they respond to being given a stick of broccoli! It only takes a few supplies: tissue paper, lollipops, and some broccoli.

  • Krispy Kreme Prank That’s Actually Good for You

The best way to start the day is with a box of donuts. They didn’t know that instead of fried dough coated in the delicious glaze, this amazing gift contains healthy vegetables and dip! When your students unwrap the gift, look for astonishing reactions on their faces.

  • The trick with Jelly Worms

A tasty delicacy that looks hideous. Some people might shriek if they see these worms in a bowl trick. To celebrate April Fool’s Day, try making these jello worms. If you’re looking for a fun activity to add to your day, they are excellent additions to sensory lesson plans.

  • Prank by Brown- E

What do you think? You enter the classroom with a covered tray of what appears to be candy. Your classroom is filled with contagious enthusiasm. You say, “I’ve brought brownies for you all,” and everyone laughs. Your students give you a standing ovation. You open the lid to reveal a brown construction paper letter E.

  • Doughnut Seeds

Doughnut Seeds are a fun April Fools’ prank to do on your friends and coworkers. “How do we plant these?” is a common question from a student. You can tell them, “Water them with milk!”

April Fool Prank

Top 5 April Fool Prank on Teachers

To avoid embarrassing situations, make sure your instructor has a good sense of humor before pulling any of these harmless pranks.

  • The blackout 

Turn off all computers in the classroom before the first bell rings. When a computer isn’t working, my kids don’t even bother to see if the power cord is plugged in. Plugging the devices back in may take them some time.

  • Rearrange the classroom

The classroom should be littered with little objects. Move your workstation to the other side of the room or turn it 180 degrees and continue to work as if nothing has changed. Alternatively, shift their computers around or re-arrange their desks/chairs in a different location.

  • Chairs that vanish 

Remove all the chairs from your classroom and position them in other classrooms/bathrooms/random areas in the vicinity. Children must locate their chairs in order to sit down. It’s a good idea to give kids something to look forward to before they start their day. Alternatively, remove all of the PCs’ mice and do the same. Make the bargain even sweeter by sprinkling the chairs with candy.

  • Rewrite what they wrote 

Year bookers will be infuriated by your antics. Correct their AP Style by simply providing incorrect answers. Caption writing or headline writing tasks can be used with this to penalize pupils for incorrect grammar, punctuation, or spelling and return the points afterward.

  • As soon as possible 

During the last 10-15 minutes of class, make an announcement like, “A wonderful guest is coming to visit you all, let me go collect them,” and then entirely leave the classroom. They’ll be baffled, and you’ll have time to relax and finish your coffee before the bell rings.


Try these April Fool’s Day pranks in your classroom! April Fools Pranks at School are a terrific opportunity to make lasting memories of your time at school. A word of caution: avoid pulling any practical jokes on your school or the authorities. Don’t engage in any illegal or harmful activity.


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