Hooking Up Reviews: Real Opinions From the Public

It may seem strange to begin a romantic comedy in an elementary school classroom, but the characters soon find themselves smitten in a variety of public and semi-public places. That’s exactly what Darla emerges from in the rom-com “Hooking Up,” which is available to download, after having an afterschool special with a stranger sitting on her little desk.

A comedy-drama film starring Brittany Snow and Sam Richardson was released in 2020 directed by Nico Raineau.

Cast of Hooking Up

  • Brittany Snow as Darla Beane (Lead Role)
  • Sam Richardson as Bailey Brighton (Lead Role)
  • Anna Akana as Elizabeth Carthright
  • Jordana Brewster as Tanya
  • Vivica A. Fox as Cindy Brighton
  • Amy Pietz as Betty Beane
  • Shaun J. Brown as Franklin
  • Alexis G. Zall as Molly

Storyline of Hooking Up

In the wake of Bailey’s recent cancer diagnosis and Darla’s dismissal from her sex column, the two embark on an emotional road trip to confront their personal demons as well as each other.

Weaving together Darla’s colourful past as a sex addict and Bailey’s erroneous and mutually dishonest type of therapy, the two embark on an exhausting drive across the country. Unexpectedly, they learn that there may be more to love than just sex when they face their differences head-on during the road trip.

With Bailey’s parents contemptuous of his work, Darla is compelled to masquerade as Bailey’s girlfriend in Dallas and meet them; he has aspirations of reuniting him with Elizabeth.

Bailey finds work as an illustrator, while Darla is given her job back because of the success of her blog, but she declines and instead obtains an advance to write her own book.

Honest Reviews from Viewers

  • “Hooking Up” is an enjoyable film. It was a good movie, and I could see myself seeing it again in the future. But it’s also a film that proves that Snow doesn’t have to be confined to the realm of good films.. She’s eager for a brighter life.
  • Hooking Up attempts to differentiate itself from other sex comedies by incorporating some strange plot aspects that actually detract from the already mediocre film’s quality.
  • Many ailments plague this romantic comedy, including those of its two main characters.
  • With a few cheeky, occasionally adorable modifications, director Nico Raineau and co-writer Lauren Schacher stick to the genre’s established beats.

Release Date and Where to Watch

Hooking Up movie was released on March 20, 2020 and Hulu, Prime Video, VUDU, Redbox., Vudu Movie & TV Store, ROW8 and Apple TV can all be used to watch it.

It got 5.5 rating on IMDb out of 10.

Final Thoughts

Hooking Up movie received mixed reviews from the viewers. It contains nudity so it may not be suitable for children.

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