The Producer of Dirty John Affirms That the Show’s Third Season Is in Consideration.

The second season of “Dirty John” is now available on Netflix, nearly a year after it premiered on USA. Although the show’s second season is wholly unrelated to the first, both seasons share a common interest as far as how unhealthy relationships could get.

Because of the way the show is structured, the attention is on the individual stories. Dirty John: The John Meehan Story was released in 2018 and then two years later, Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story. As a result, a third season of the series would focus on a new character.

Cast of Dirty John

Season 1 :

  • Connie Britton as Debra Newell
  • Eric Bana as John Meehan
  • Juno Temple as Veronica Newell
  • Julia Garner as Terra Newell

Season 2 :

Storyline of Dirty John

Seasons one and two revolve around the question of what it takes to make a seemingly ordinary person execute an extraordinary act of violence. An eroding relationship is the central theme of this story. There were two seasons, one based on a podcast and the other based on a non-podcast.

Based on real-life stories, this anthology series features an epic narrative of love gone wrong in each season.

Release Date of Dirty John Season 3

Netflix and the creators of Dirty John have not made any announcements concerning a third season. It’s possible they’ll bring it back if there’s a lot of public interest in season three.

Season three might premiere as early as mid-2022, based on the 18-month gap between seasons one and two. Season three will likely face a 12-month delay between its airing on US television and its arrival on Netflix.

Although no one has speculated on who would appear in a third season of Dirty John, it is unlikely that any of the original cast members would return.

Alexandra Cunningham, the show’s producer, says there have been preparations to discuss the possibility.

There will be a meeting soon, she informed . “If everyone is as enthused about it as I and my executive producer Jessica Rhoades are, it’ll be fantastic.”

Final Thoughts

As is the case with many cable shows that end up on Netflix, “Dirty John” experienced a resurgence when it premiered on the streaming service. There is a possibility that Netflix will take up “Dirty John” if the United States decides to stop making it.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding upcoming series!

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