Julie and the Phantoms Season 2: There Are No Current Plans to Air the Show on Netflix or Any Other Platform!

When Season 1 of “Julie and the Phantoms” came out in September 2020, it was a big hit. The show is based on the Brazilian show “Julie e os Fantasmas.” The show stars Madison Reyes as Julie Molina, a high school student who loves to sing and make music.

After losing her mother, Julie finds herself in a difficult spot. When Julie is trying to get over something that’s holding her back, she accidentally brings back the ghosts of a band from 1995.

Julie and the Phantoms is executive produced by Kenny Ortega, the creator of Disney Channel hit shows like High School Musical and Descendants. For people who have seen the show, this should come as no surprise. After he signed a long-term deal with Netflix, this is his first project (via Deadline).

Julie and the Phantoms is a musical comedy that everyone can enjoy. The show was very well-received by critics, with a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 98% rating from the public. Unfortunately, even though the show has been a huge hit, fans are still waiting for news about a second season.

When Are Julie and the Phantoms Season 2 Coming Out?

As of right now, Netflix has not decided whether or not to keep or cancel “Julie and the Phantoms.” Despite that, there have been multiple reports that a second season has already been approved or is in the works.

The Cinema Spot reported on a renewal back in September, long before the show even aired on the streaming service (Production Weekly). It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s just a rumor without Netflix giving us the go-ahead to say so.

I can’t say for sure when the movie might come out, though. It’s possible that new episodes could be made this summer or before the end of the year. Julie and the Phantoms’ second season might not come out until late 2022 or early 2023. Season 2 of the show should be renewed soon, so fans should keep their fingers crossed.

People Who Are in the Cast of Julie and the Phantom’s Second Season Are:

“Julie and the Phantoms” Season 2 is likely to have the same main cast members as Season 1, as well as a few new ones. This means that Charlie Gillespie as Luke, Owen Owens as Luke, and Julie Reyes as Julie will also be on the show. Alex is played by Patrick Joyner, and Reggie by Jeremy Shada.

They make up the “Phantoms,” or the three musical ghosts that Julie accidentally summons when she sings. As Flynn, Julie’s best friend, Jadah Marie plays her. Savannah May plays Carrie, Julie’s former friend, and enemy. Sacha Carlson plays Nick, Carrie’s boyfriend, and the boy Julie has a crush on.

Caleb Covington, played by Cheyenne Jackson from “American Horror Story,” is Alex’s love interest, and Booboo Stewart, who played Willie in “Descendants,” is also in the cast. There are Carlos Ponce, Sonny Bustamante, and Alison Araya in the rest of the cast. They play Julie’s father and brother, and her aunt.

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Julie and the Phantoms Season 2

What’s the Story in Julie and the Phantom Season 2?

Season 1 of “Julie and the Phantoms” shows that music has the power to make people more real, letting other people see and hear them. Phantoms get into trouble with Caleb over the course of the season, and he gives them a timer that says they’ll disappear.

After this prediction came out, the boys seem to have won. They are finally able to touch each other and interact with the real world in this movie’s ending scene. But it looks like Caleb isn’t done with the Phantoms yet. He uses Julie’s old crush, Nick, to get close to her.

The movie “Julie and the Phantoms” also talks a lot about Julie’s use of music to deal with the loss of her mother. This shows that Julie’s mom might be the reason why she can see the Phantoms while other people cannot. One of the Phantoms’ old bandmates is still alive, but he recognizes them in a performance video. He hasn’t met them in person yet.

Season 2 of “Julie and the Phantoms” might go more into these storylines if fans are lucky enough to get it! In this book, we hope to learn more about Caleb’s evil plans, whether the Phantoms can be saved, and what Julie’s mother’s story is. Also, Ortega said in an interview with Digital Spy that they want to put on live shows with the show. They said, “We’re hoping that the world will join us.”

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Julie and the Phantoms Review

The rules of the “Julie and the Phantoms” world and its ever-present afterlife are very hard to understand. A pop-punk band called Sunset Curve had three members die suddenly in 1995 after they ate bad hot dogs (yes). 2020 They return to their old studio and find a living friend in Julie (Madison Reyes).

When they play with her, the whole world can hear and see them until the music stops. What kind of ghosts are we? After I watched all nine episodes of this first season, I have to say that I agree. Not at all. Even if you think this is some kind of mystical thing, it doesn’t make any sense.

Their ghost adventures become very silly, very quickly. Then, who cares! No one will care about “Julie and the Phantoms” because it’s so cute and fun that nothing will matter.

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Julie and the Phantoms Trailer

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