Grantchester Season 6: Was Officially Renewed by Masterpiece on PBS October 3

In Great Britain, there has never been a murder mystery that it didn’t like. That’s great for us because we like them, too. When “Grantchester” airs in the United States, it is based on a series of novels written by James Runcie.

The show is set in the 1950s in the small village of the show’s name. The town vicar (James Norton) and a local detective (Robson Green) work together to solve murders in the town, which is where the show is set.

In “Grantchester,” which is set in the 1950s and stars a clergyman as the show’s main character, the show blends the typical elements of the period drama and murder mystery genre with a sense of sexiness that isn’t usually found in a show set in the 1950s, let alone one with a clergyman as its main character.

This is just one of the many reasons why the show has become a favorite for people on both sides of the Atlantic. As we wait for the show’s sixth season to start, we’ve decided to become detectives and go on a search to find out what to expect when the show comes back. Check out this list of everything we know so far about “Grantchester” Season 6.

The Sixth Season of Grantchester Is Coming Out in What Time Frame?

When “Grantchester” comes back, it always premieres outside of the United States before it airs on PBS in the United States. In the fall. Season 6, which was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, will be shown by ITV in the U.K. in mid-August.

Beginning Friday, September 3, it will air every week. Fans in the U.S. won’t have to wait long after this to get back to the small village at the heart of the show and see the people who call it home again.

People at PBS have said that the new episodes of “Grantchester” will start airing as part of Masterpiece on October 3. Until November 21 because Season 6 is bigger than usual. It will have eight episodes instead of the usual six, and it will be longer than usual.

Who Is in the Cast of Grantchester Season 6?

  • Geordie Keating – Robson Green
  • Will Davenport – Tom Brittney
  • Leonard Finch – Al Weaver
  • Mrs. Chapman – Tessa Peake-Jones
  • Cathy Keating – Kacey Ainsworth
  • Jack Chapman – Nock Brimble
  • Daniel Marlowe – Oliver Dimsdale
  • Margie Danker – Rachael Stirling
  • Sid Danker – Nick Holder
  • Bryan Stanford – Michael Abubakar
  • Sunny West – Jordan Alexandra
  • Roy Reeves – Andy Nyman
  • Babs Reeves – Annette McLaughlin
  • Gerry Wicks – Sam Phillips
  • Esme Keating – Skye Lucia Degruttola

What Is the Plot of Grantchester Season 6?

When everyone goes on vacation in the season opener, there is a murder. Will and Geordie will work together to solve many cases this season, but show creator Daisy Coulam says that Season 6 will also be “game-changing” for some of the show’s characters. Things will be even worse for Leonard.

Grantchester Season 6

Asked by PBS, “We’re going to take him to some dark places.” Coulam wouldn’t say what those dark places were. Based on the title of the new episodes and a teaser trailer, we have a pretty good idea of what they will be about. New Season: It seems Leonard is embroiled in some kind of scandal when someone threatens to out him as a gay man. In England until 1967 being gay was a crime.

Meanwhile, Will and Geordie’s friendship is put to the test when Johnny shows up. He’s going down a dark path, Brittney told ITV before the new season started. “Will does everything he can to bring him back from the brink.”

If Will and Geordie can work things out, we’re sure that they will. This season, a new woman will also come into his life. When Coulam talked to PBS, he said that their relationship is not romantic. But now that Will has been sexually free, that definitely opens the door for more love affairs and long-term relationships in the future.

Based on this information, there is a lot going on in “Grantchester” Season 6. It will be interesting to see how this all comes together when the show comes back this fall.

Grantchester Season 6 Official Trailer

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