Animal Kingdom Season 6 Plot, Cast, Release Date, Latest Updates

One of TNT’s most popular shows of all time was Jonathan Lisco’s Animal Kingdom, which ran for five seasons. It was on October 3, 2021, that the fifth and last season of the show ended. A year before the fifth season was set to premiere, the show was already renewed for a sixth season in January 2021.

Season 6 of Animal Kingdom will bring the Cody family’s storey to an end. Smurf, the matriarch of crime family the Codys, plays a key role in the narrative of a 17-year-old kid who inherits his mother’s apartment from his distant cousins when she dies.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Cast

Assuming the series continues, it is likely that the major characters will return. We can expect an interesting mix of new and old characters in Season 6. The following is a list of Animal Kingdom’s most recent cast members that we may expect to see.

  • Leila George as Janine
  • Rigo Sanchez as Manny
  • Jon Beavers as Jake
  • Shawn Hatosy as Andrew Cody or Pope
  • Jake Weary as Deran Cody
  • Ben Robson as Craig Cody
  • Christina Ochoa as Renn Randall
  • Finn Cole as Joshua Cody or J
  • Dichen Lachman as Frankie
  • Scott Speedman as Barry
  • Reynaldo Gallegos as Pete Trujillo
  • Sohi Rodriguez as Mia Benitez

There have been no additions or deletions to the list so far. As a consequence, we are certain that the original cast members are ready to return.

Due to Janine Smurf’s tragic death at the hands of Ellen Barkin, the live-action version of her character will not be shown. In flashbacks, though, her involvement may be observed.

Both Kevin Csloak and Jasper Polish will portray the younger selves of their respective characters. Darren Mann will portray Baz’s younger self in this film. J, on the other hand, seems to be dating a new person.

A rule-breaker, Penny, will be played by Stevie Lynn Jones. Despite the fact that she is married to a Marine and has no love for him, she and J will develop closer as the narrative goes.

Streaming Platforms to watch the Sixth Season of Animal Kingdom

Whenever the next chapter of Animal Kingdom is published, you’ll be able to watch it on Netflix. Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and TNT all carry the show’s prior seasons.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Release Date

The sixth season of “Animal Kingdom” will air in 2022. There is no word on when the show will air or whether it will stay in its current time slot. “Animal Kingdom” is normally a summer programme on TNT, according to IMDb, with new episodes airing from May to August. However, for Season 5, the show deviated from the usual and aired from May to October 2021.

Season 6 of Animal Kingdom will consist of 13 episodes and will expected to be broadcast in the May of 2022. The first peek at the new season is already out. With the tagline “First Look,” the series’ official Twitter account teases a first-look video “Get your FIRST LOOK at season 6 of #AnimalKingdom rn. Because there aren’t enough Cody heists in five seasons!”

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Plot

An exciting criminal thriller, Animal Kingdom Season 6 combines family tensions with many high-stakes heists. She is the cruel matriarch of a family of professional criminals who steal to make ends meet, Janine Cody (Ellen Barkin). Smurf’s grandson Joshua “J” Cody is the Cody family’s youngest member, and the Codys would go to any extent to maintain their lavish lifestyle, even if it means sacrificing his life (played by Finn Cole).

The fifth season of “Animal Kingdom” has already aired, and it has received overwhelmingly excellent reviews from viewers. As a result of the show’s continued popularity, it was renewed for another season. Currently under production for the next sixth season, Animal Kingdom: Creator will air in 2019. Characters and narrative details for the Animal Kingdom finale may be found right here.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 End Plot

Cody and his family will confront some very scary adversaries in season six of “Animal Kingdom.” Smurf’s adopted son and J’s birth father, Barry “Baz” Blackwell (Scott Speedman), is discovered dead by the police at the conclusion of Season 5.

In Season 1, Pope smothers Catherine for embezzling money from Smurf after a failed seduction attempt on her side. It is revealed that Catherine’s corpse has been buried in a Cody-related housing development. An full season of family revenge might begin with this dreadful news.

J and Deran finally agree to share leadership of the Cody gang after Smurf’s death. After initially voicing his opposition to Smurf’s illegal business, Deran, the family’s “black sheep,” decides to assist the gang in laundering money via his tavern. Renn (Christina Ochoa), Craig’s long-term girlfriend, breaks up with him because of his heroin addiction. All of these plot elements will very definitely be addressed dramatically when “Animal Kingdom” returns for its last season this year for its sixth and final season in 2019.


There are heists and family dramas in equal measure in “Animal Kingdom,” which is now in its sixth season. To earn ends meet, professional criminals like Janine “Smurf” Cody (Ellen Barkin) steal. The Codys would go to any lengths to preserve their idyllic existence, even if it means putting their youngest member, Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole), at risk.

It’s after the death of his mother, Julia, that the 17-year-old is taken in by Smurf as his ward. With an iron grip, Smurf leads the family, towering over her boys as she runs the gang and tries to maintain the family’s Southern California stronghold. Leila George portrays Smurf as an adolescent who joins a street gang, where she learns how to sell drugs while laundering money and killing her competitors on her way to become a criminal boss.

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