Is Today the Official Release Date for Bridgerton Season 2?

After a two-year hiatus, Netflix is bringing back the period drama Bridgerton for a second season. And there’s no longer a wait for new episodes.

The world of the Shonda Rhimes series, based on the books by Julia Quinn, has undergone some alterations this time. As Rege-Jean Page leaves the Netflix series as the rogue Duke of Hastings, it will now focus on the love tale of another Bridgerton, Anthony.

Cast of Bridgerton Season 2

Storyline of Bridgeton Season 2

Continuing the saga of the Bridgerton family, the second season of Shondaland and Chris Van Dusen’s comedy series follows Viscount Lord Anthony Bridgerton’s search for love. The search for the perfect debutante for Anthony appears doomed until he meets Kate and her younger sister Edwina Sharma, who have flown here from India to help him fulfil his obligation to protect the family name.

To avoid a true love match, Kate tries to do everything in her power to prevent the union of Anthony and Edwina. Kate and Anthony’s verbal sparring only serves to pull them closer together, making things more difficult for both of them at the same time. Meanwhile, across Grosvenor Square from Penelope, the Featheringtons must prepare for the arrival of their newest heir while keeping their deepest secret hidden from those closest to her.

The second season of Bridgerton will include a total of eight episodes:

  1. Capital R Rake
  2. Off to the Races
  3. A Bee in Your Bonnet
  4. Victory
  5. An Unthinkable
  6. FateThe Choice
  7. Harmony
  8. The Viscount Who Loved Me

Release Date of Bridgerton Season 2

It’s Friday, March 25, and Netflix will have the full second season of the show available to stream. New seasons of Netflix Original series are released at midnight like they are for all other Netflix Originals.

If the show is not visible :

You may not view the show instantly on your device if you are already logged in because Netflix regularly adds new seasons. To get Bridgerton season 2 if it hasn’t been released yet, follow these instructions.

Reloading the Netflix app is the most straightforward solution. On mobile or app versions of Netflix, there is a reload Netflix button in the support area. Signing out and back in again has the same impact as if that option is not available.

Final Thoughts

The second season of Bridgerton premieres today, so be ready to binge watch and keep checking back for more information on new series.

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