Temptation Island Season 3 Came to a Close, but Are Chelsea and Thomas Still Together?

Every season, viewers are frequently introduced to a brand new group of characters on reality competition series. As the show progresses, the audience begins to form a bond with the new participants, only to see them either leave or be eliminated at the end of the season.

Couples in “Temptation Island” are required to share a home with a single person of the opposite sex in order to evaluate their compatibility. Audiences will have to bid their final goodbyes to their favourite couples and contestants when the show concludes. The third season began airing in the year 2021.

Cast of Temptation Season 3

  • Alexcys Homan (Lead Role)

  • Amanda Spain-Butts

  • Grace Hagan

  • Isabel Thanmithak

  • Katrina Koomen

  • Lauryn Stewart

  • Madilynn “Maddy” Brown

  • Maya Morsi

  • Nickole Ciszak

  • Sophia Perez

  • Lauren ‘Tula’ Pointdexter

  • Alex Alvarez

  • Dr Blake Eyres

  • David Silvia (Lead Role)

  • Evan McFadden

  • Griffin Libhart

  • Jesse Stephanos

  • Juwan Hayes

  • Lex Lindquist

  • Rocky Buttery

  • Shaquille Urie

  • Tom Triola

  • Trent Jespersen

  • Chelsea & Thomas

  • Erica & Kendal

  • Erin & Corey

  • Kristen & Julian

Plot of Temptation Island

In the USA Network reality series Temptation Island, troubled couples are transported to Hawaii, separated, and surrounded by attractive singles in order to see how committed they can be to maintaining their relationships. It’s a pointless endeavour, to be honest.

Not going on would have been a no-brainer for the competing couples, if they were supposed to stay together. Just a free trip, a chance to illustrate a complex argument, and social media celebrity are at stake here. This is a dizzying routine of mental gymnastics, where the candidates appear clout-crazed and possess the enviable characteristic of total confidence, yet it is their self-assuredness that typically leads to their demise.

Temptation Island, like many other reality shows, turns emotional instability into a source of amusement. For every episode, it provides a train catastrophe that fans can’t turn away from. There is a weird TV show that operates under the pretence of “the process,” which implies that the chaos it makes could be therapeutic.

Release Date of Temptation Season 3

According to host Mark L. Wahlberg, the third season of Temptation Island premeired  on 16 February 2021 after numerous delays due to COVID-19 regulations delaying filming. The fact that many of the couples were reunited when they departed the island shows that the experience and the harrowing moments spent around the bonfire were worthwhile after all.

By the end of Season 3, Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson were still together and had departed the island together. A quick scroll over the couple’s Instagram account shows how happy they are still being together.


Traveling to a tropical paradise, couples must determine if they are ready to spend the rest of their lives together or not. This is a remake of the 2001 reality show.

It is rated TV-PG, which signifies that it contains content that parents may find objectionable for children under the age of eighteen. As a whole, the issue may necessitate parental supervision, and/or the programme may contain some provocative conversation, infrequent bad language or sexual situations or moderate violence.

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