Are Netflix’s Lucifer Season 7 and Its Spinoff Series, Lucifer’s Daughter, Coming Soon?

Although Lucifer got off to an unsteady start in terms of cancellation and critical reception, the show gained a cult following over the course of its six seasons. There were many people who enjoyed and adored the show. Will the show, on the other hand, continue to be produced, or will the fans be forced to say goodbye to their favourite series?

Cast of Lucifier

  • Tom Ellis : As Lucifier (Lead Role)

  • Lauren German : As Chloe Decker (Lead Role)

  • Kevin Alejandro : As Dan

  • Lesley-Ann Brandtt : As Mazikeen

  • D.B Woodside : As Amenadiel

  • Aimee Garcia : As Ella Lopez

Plot of Lucifier

A beautiful and powerful angel named Lucifer Morningstar, who was expelled from Heaven because of his disobedience, is the star of the show. He is sick of tormenting people for millennia in his role as Devil as Lord of Hell. It is in defiance of his father (God) that he abdicates his reign and heads to Los Angeles, where he owns and controls the Lux nightclub .’s

When he gets sucked into a murder investigation, he meets the gorgeous Detective Chloe Decker. After assisting the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in uncovering the crime by using his talents to lure people into divulging their deepest desires, Lucifer agrees to work with Chloe again as a consultant. All this time they work together to solve murders and build their relationship, encountering a variety of otherworldly beings.

Will Lucifier come up with Season 7 ?

Lucifer is a new television fantasy series that debuted on January 25th, 2016. Our binge-watching of this popular show has been a joy ever since.

The first six seasons of Netflix’s original programming have been made available, but what about the seventh? Season 7’s release date is a common topic of conversation among fans.

However, we regret to tell you that Season 7 of Lucifer will not be produced. To answer your question, I’ll do so now.

While co-showrunner Joe Henderson told Entertainment Weekly in July that the sixth season was “our last season.”

As Ildy Modrovich, another co-showrunner, put it, “sticking the landing” would have been detrimental to everything they had worked so hard to achieve over the course of six seasons, and no one wants that.


With an emotional and heartbreaking climax, Lucifer’s sixth season brought the series to a close, wrapping up the stories of all the main characters and paying homage to the Devil. Lucifer Morningstar  enters Season 6 after defeating his evil twin brother Michael. A stumbling block in Lucifer’s ascension to Godhood came in the form of his future daughter Rory Morningstar in favour of spending time with Rory, the son he had with Chloe Decker, and learning more about his own disappearance. But the makers confirmed that there will be no more season and so the series is finally put to an end.


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