Does Hinterland Have a Fourth Season Planned for Release? Everything You Need to Know

For those who want to try shows based on investigative or detective characters that reveal the truth about a situation.  Then there is a well-known detective series called ‘Hinterland,’ also referred to as Y Gwyll.

A police procedural is the film’s genre. English-language television series produced by the British production companies Fiction Factory, BBC Wales, and All3Media International. Ed Talfan and Ed Thomas collaborated on Hinterland.

The three seasons of the show were filmed in and around Ceredigion and Aberystwyth, Wales. In terms of IMDb user ratings, Hinterland receives a 7.6 rating out of 10.

Cast of Hinterland

  • Richard Harrington as DCI Tom Mathias
  • Mali Harries as DI Mared Rhys
  • Alex Harries as DC Lloyd Ellis
  • Hannah Daniel as DS Sian Owen
  • Aneirin Hughes as Chief Supt Brian Prosser
  • Geraint Morgan as Iwan Thomas
  • Geraint Lewis as Dr. Haydn Blake

Storyline of Hinterland

A mysterious DCI from a bygone era, DCI Tom Mathias is featured prominently in Hinterland, as is DI Mared Rhys, a brilliant and perplexed colleague who investigates a cold case murder. The badlands provide as a welcome diversion from the Welsh coastline’s windswept dunes.

After leaving the Metropolitan Police in London, they find themselves in a trailer on the outskirts of the university town of Aberystwyth on the west coast of Wales. It was smack dab in the centre of Ireland’s rugged hinterland.

The fourth season is a criminal drama. Located in Aberystwyth, a natural crucible where the worlds collide. It’s a place where ancient myths and legends rub shoulders with contemporary culture. Despite the fact that the building’s facade and surrounding landscape serve as a constant reminder of the misdeeds committed within. In the fourth season of Hinterland, the main character uses all of his authority to solve homicides.

Release Date of Hinterland Season 4

Nobody knows whether or not the fourth run of Hinterland will continue. There has been no word on when the fourth series will begin.

There is a potential the show will return in the future if there is an opportunity. As a final step, we’ll have to wait to hear if Hinterland Series 4 will be renewed.



Series 4 of the Hinterland is recognised for its Y Gwyll, which is one of the most well-known characters. A fantastic investigative show, Crime Scene Investigation is a must-see for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of contemporary criminal activities. This series also provides us with a notion of how to deal with the situation of a death or a criminal offence.

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