Shocking Finale: A Breakdown of the Huge Fatalities That Set Showtime Records for ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Audiences have been captivated by Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) from the show’s inception on Showtime. When the show premiered in 2006, viewers couldn’t get enough of the man who works as a blood spatter analyst during the day and as a deadly vigilante at night.

Dexter’s ending continues to spark debate, and despite the show’s 2013 cancellation, interest has not waned. Dexter concluded with his coworkers concluding that he died in a boat crash while attempting to flee his old life for a new one in Argentina.

However, we shortly discover that Dexter is still alive and well in Oregon, albeit under a new alias. The program purposely left the door open for Dexter Morgan to return to our screens in the future, and fans have been wondering whether a season 9 will ever materialize to bring Dexter’s arc to a conclusion.

Dexter Season 9

Fans should prepare to witness Dexter kill once more, as Showtime has renewed the series for a ten-episode ninth season (via Deadline). Michael C. Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips are likely to return, and here’s everything else we know about the revival thus far.

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Dexter Season 9 Cast

  • Michael C. Hall in the role of Dexter Morgan
  • Julie Benz in the role of Rita Bennett
  • Jennifer Carpenter in the role of Debra Morgan
  • Erik King in the role of James Doakes
  • Lauren Velez in the role of Maria LaGuerta
  • David Zayas in the role of Angel Batista
  • James Remar in the role of Harry Morgan
  • C. S. Lee in the role of Vince Masuka Desmond Harrington in the role of Joey Quinn
  • Geoff Pierson in the role of Tom Matthews
  • Aimee Garcia in the role of Jamie Batista

What Is the Plot of Dexter Season 9?

There are no details on what Dexter’s ninth season will be about. However, given the open-ended nature of season 8, there are numerous possible possibilities for the rebirth. Fans have taken to Reddit and other online communities to propose ways for this story to continue.

When we last saw Dexter Morgan, his associates believed he had dead, but he had in fact made his way to Oregon under a new alias. Dexter may be drawn out of isolation if a new serial murderer begins his rounds. His former associates will very certainly discover his survival and go out to bring him to justice.

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Dexter Season 9

Phillips told TV Insider, “We’re progressing toward a conclusion that will be, as Chekhov put it, startling but inevitable,” a weirdly reassuring comment given the show’s lack of content. In terms of specifics, Phillips would only confirm that the resurrection will take up eight years after the previous season’s conclusion and would feature Dexter “in a way we’ve never seen him before.”

The resurrection might potentially take cues from a real-life Dexter Morgan or adhere to Clyde Phillips’ original program finale. Phillips’ plan was to have Dexter apprehended and condemned to death, at which time he would watch his life flash before his eyes as previous season’s killers (LaGuerta, Doakes, and the Trinity Killer) appeared to him as visions (via Digital Spy).

Season 9 could easily build to this point, with Dexter apprehending yet another serial killer before facing justice for his crimes. On February 25, Showtime released the first image of Michael C. Hall reprising his iconic role, and while the image is cool, it provides little insight into the probable plot, so that’s not much help.

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Additional information are expected to emerge in the following months, but for fans who couldn’t get enough of Dexter Morgan’s atrocities, this announcement is extremely welcome. Maintain a close eye on this space for updates as they become available.

Release Date for Dexter Season 9

Dexter Season 9 is scheduled to premiere in late 2021. The precise release date has not yet been announced. As more information on Dexter Season 9 becomes available, we will update this page. We saw in Dexter Season 8 that Dexter chooses to live on the island. However, Dexter Season 8 concluded on a cliffhanger.

Dexter Season 9

Dexter Season 9 will take place in the woodland parts of Oregon. He now resides there under a different identity, but some criminals remain. As a result, we anticipate Dexter Season 9 to be even more thrilling and breathtaking.

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