Is the Second Season of American Rust Abruptly Cancelled?

The Showtime television series “American Rust” began on September 12, 2021. According to the show’s official description, it’s based on Philip Myers’ 2009 novel of the same name and takes place in the ideal setting for a crime show: an impoverished Western Pennsylvania Rust Belt town where desperation motivates people to commit crimes. It starred Jeff Daniels in the title character, who played Del Harris, a chief of police who is morally divided and ultimately compromised.

Cast of American Rust

Plot of American Rust

American Rust, based on Philipp Meyer’s acclaimed debut novel, is a riveting family drama that explores the tattered American dream through the perspective of Del Harris (Daniels), a conflicted and compromised chief of police in a Rust Belt town in southwest Pennsylvania. When the lady he actually loves learns that her son has been accused of murder, Harris is forced to make a decision about what he is willing to do to defend him.

While the story centres around an alleged murder in the poor Pennsylvania town of Buell, the film also addresses a wide range of current social and political topics such as the deteriorating economy, the opioid crisis, and a lack of labour laws, among others. A persistently gloomy sky serves as a backdrop for these dramas, which unfold in wonderfully detailed settings where every paint job has been cracked and peeled to perfection, and which are depicted in tones of rust brown and gunmetal grey.

Release Date of American Rust Season 2

American Rust appears to be dead as of the end of January 2022. ‘American Rust,’ a Showtime original, was abruptly cancelled on January 25. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was the first to announce this and published a statement from the cable network explaining their decision. According to the Tribune-Review, Showtime’s statement reads as follows:

“We are able to announce that a second season of ‘American Rust’ will not be produced. Maura Tierney and Jeff Daniels lead a stellar cast, and we’d like to thank our friends at Boat Rocker.”

“American Rust” received a series order from Showtime in July 2019 after a couple years in development hell. As a result of numerous pandemic-related setbacks, production on Season 1 ultimately began in March 2021 and was completed in time for its September 2021 broadcast date. In early November, the season ended, and with it, the “American Rust” story ended as well.

Final Thoughts

“American Rust” came to a close with a dramatic climax for the Poe family, which is no longer a household. Grace deliberately set fire to her own home in order to gain a closer relationship with Del. She also attempted to organise the warehouse employees where she worked, but her efforts were eventually unsuccessful. Billy was finally put into a coma after a brutal prison beating. Season 2 of “American Rust” had a plethora of storylines it could have pursued.

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