At What Time Can We Expect to See the Third Season of “All American” on Netflix?

On paper, All American seems nearly antiquated when compared to the CW’s vampire dramas, DC superhero series, and soap opera reboots. Spencer Paysinger, a professional football player who grew up in the south side of Los Angeles and attended Beverly Hills High School, was the inspiration for the program.

His high school football success led to him playing for the University of Oregon Ducks in college and then professionally for the Miami Dolphins and, most recently, the Carolina Panthers.

Those who worried that the high school football drama would be boring compared to the rest of the network’s programming were proven wrong when All American premiered in 2018. The show received critical acclaim and financial success throughout its first two seasons, which featured an exhilarating blend of youthful melodrama and sociopolitical satire.

All American Season 3

Whether you were a hardened sceptic or a devoted fan from the start, the news that the program had been extended for a third season following a spectacular season 2 finale was heartening. Even though we still have a long way to go until the third season of All American premieres, we do have a few details about the show’s next installment to keep us entertained.

What Is the Plot of the Third Season of All American?

After the emotionally charged season 1 conclusion, in which Spencer had to face his former teammates at South Crenshaw High in a football game, the young athlete’s quest to find his place in the world took another turn towards the end of season 2.

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Spencer announced that he would be leaving Beverly Hills High School and returning to South Crenshaw High School, just as it was reported that his former high school was being converted into a magnet school in an effort to gentrify the area.

While narrative details for the show’s third season have yet to be published, don’t be shocked if the fight over South Crenshaw High’s fate becomes a main point. Olivia (Logan) created a podcast to expose frozen yoghurt entrepreneur and chronic cop caller “Crenshaw Cathy” as a recent example of the show’s heightened focus on problems of social justice and gentrification.

For its third season, the show appears to be putting the fight against gentrification front and center.

Release Date All American Season 3

Regrettably, that is a difficult question to answer. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, film and television production is currently halted across the sector, with no official return to production date from the network in sight. Fans expected the new season to begin in early October, as this had been the pattern for the series’ past seasons.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, the CW has declared that it will make up for the time lost during the lockout by provisionally planning for all the network’s series to launch in January 2021, giving the shows additional time to film. On Monday nights, viewers can expect expanded stories and more football.

Although there isn’t an official season three trailer yet, here’s an extended trailer to give you a taste of what All American is about: This video was taken from YouTube. You might be able to find the same information in a different format, or more information, on their website.

All American Season 3

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Cast of All American Season 3

According to the series’ IMDB profile, the whole main cast will return for season three.

Trailer of All American Season 3

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