When will the 2nd Season of Ghosts of Morgan City Premiere?

What Happens to Season 2 of Ghosts of Morgan City? When is the Discovery premiere date? Viewers are wondering if the show will return for a second season after Season 1. This thread compiles everything we’ve learned thus far regarding the forthcoming season.

When is the second season of Ghosts of Morgan City going to be on the air again?

Are Ghosts of Morgan City back for a second season, or not?

Not yet. Ghosts of Morgan City has not been renewed for a second season yet, and it hasn’t.

After the first season is over, when will the second one be out?

The Travel Channel hasn’t said for sure that it will show Ghosts of Morgan City for a second season. As of February 2022, there is no set date for the next season. Not at all! People aren’t sure when the next season of the show is going to start. A lot more information will be added to this post as soon as it’s out there. Please sign up for updates below and join the discussion on our forums if you want to be told when Season 2 starts up again.

Plot and Series Description for Ghosts of Morgan City

Following a rise in emergency calls in Morgan City, Louisiana, the mayor and chief of police call in a team of paranormal experts to look into the weird supernatural activity.

Ghosts of Morgan City also has a website and an IMDb page. There is also a trailer for the second season of Ghosts of Morgan City that you can watch on YouTube.

Cast of Ghosts of Morgan City Season 2

It has Ben Hansen, Jereme Leonard, and Sarah Lemos in the main roles. People already know him from his appearance on “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.” He has also been in “Paranormal Lockdown” and “Ghost Town.” A former FBI agent, he has very good investigative skills. Leonard is a demonologist, and he has done a lot of podcasts. There is Lemos, the psychic in the group, at the end of the trio. She is originally from Salem, Oregon. She has been a guest on a “Ghost Hunter Cruise” by Banner Travel before.

Trailer for Ghosts of Morgan City Season 2

There isn’t a trailer for season 2 at this point in the game. In spite of this, there is still a good chance that the show will return for a second season in the middle of 2022.

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