What Happened to Charlotte Heywood in Sanditon Season 1?

How Did the Itv and Britbox Production of Jane Austen Conclude Its First Season?

Sanditon Season 1:  the ITV and BritBox drama, has been renewed for a second season, with several known faces from the original cast reprising their roles.

Since season 1, viewers have not returned to the namesake seaside town of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, which ended on a cliffhanger that seems destined to remain unresolved following the show’s cancellation.

However, following an outpouring of fan support to save Sanditon, the drama series has been renewed for another season, reconnecting viewers with spunky heroine Charlotte Heywood, who we last saw at her lowest ebb following romantic heartbreak.
Continue reading to find how Sanditon’s season 1 concluded and which storylines will carry over into season 2.

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How Did the First Season of Sanditon Conclude?

Sidney Parker professed his emotions for our heroine Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) near the conclusion of Sanditon season 1. Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) is a young woman who came in the beach town Sanditon at the start of the season.

However, when an uninsured building owned by Sidney’s brother Tom Parker (Kris Marshall) caught fire, Sidney made the difficult decision to marry wealthy heiress Eliza Campion (Ruth Kearney) instead of Charlotte, for the financial well-being of the Parker family and Sanditon, in which Tom was invested.

After Sidney rejected Charlotte, we last saw her in a carriage, on her way home to her family, leaving Sanditon and her companions behind.

With such a cliffhanger finale, it’s unsurprising that fans were devastated when ITV cancelled Sanditon following its first season. Fortunately, it has been renewed for season 2 – however Theo James has departed the series, which means Sidney Parker will not return to sweep Charlotte off her feet after all.

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Charlotte will (of course) make a surprise return to Sanditon at the start of season 2, when she will rejoin with her friend Miss Georgiana Lambe (Crystal Clarke), who was similarly thwarted in love during season 1, when she broke up with secret love Otis.

However, not everyone in season 1 received an unhappy ending, as Esther Denham (Charlotte Spencer) married the patient and repentant rake Lord Babington (Mark Stanley) in the season finale.

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The Official Season 2 Synopsis Is as Follows:

“The storey will continue to follow Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), a strong-willed and independent heroine, as she returns to the gorgeous coastal village of Sanditon. Charlotte’s journey is woven into an elaborate tapestry of engrossing tales brimming with mystery, suspense, and romance. In front of breathtaking vistas, familiar friends return and new residents are introduced – all of them will embark on adventures as joyful and surprising as the coastal town itself.”

Additionally, the program’s producers stated: “While Sidney Parker will not return, rest certain that the Sanditon heroine is in for an abundance of romance and adventure. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store.”

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