The Rising of the Shield Hero: Will There Be a Third Season?

The creators of Rising Of The Shield Hero season 3 have officially stated that the show is currently in the production phase. This news was made during Crunchyroll Expo 2019 at a special stage panel that was put up for the occasion. Later, during the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, which will take place in 2020, the Kadokawa producer revealed that the wait for the third installment will not be shared by all of the franchise’s followers.

Given the fact that The Rising Of The Shield Hero season 3 has been confirmed at this time, it should come as no surprise that the show has performed exceptionally well in terms of financial performance. Furthermore, it is known that Crunchyroll was actively involved in the production of this anime as one of the producers, which is a good thing. The most important component in determining the success of a television animation show is the amount of money that is made via streaming.

It Has Been Confirmed That There Will Be a Third Season of the Rising of the Shield Hero.

Previously, we have seen examples of production companies being more than glad to greenlight a sequel if the DVD, as well as Blu-ray, sales of a film in Japan have been successful.

It has been interesting to watch the anime industry change course over the last few years. It was due to the success of the first part that publisher Kadokawa, who publishes both the manga and light novel series under the banner of Media Factory, said that their income for the quarter had increased primarily as a result of the Shield Hero animated television series.

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with this anime series, you should be aware that the second season hasn’t yet been broadcast on any television networks. Despite this, the premiere date for The Rising Of The Shield Hero season 2 has been set for 2021.

Rising of the Shield scene

The number of episodes has not yet been confirmed by the show’s creators, but they are expected to be several. We may anticipate that the second season will consist of two episodes of the anime series. A cour is a three-month television broadcasting unit that is based on physical outings and is used to transmit news. Generally speaking, it has been observed that animes have had between 10 and 13 episodes per season.

When Will the Third Season of the Rising of the Shield Hero Be Released on Netflix?

According to the most recent update from Kadokawa, Crunchyroll, Kinema Citrus, or any other organization involved in anime production, the release date for The Rising Of The Shield Hero season 3 has not yet been formally announced by the studio. Although the show’s production has been confirmed for quite some time, no specific date for the show’s Japanese premiere has yet been announced.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero season 3 producer Junichiro Tamura assures all members of the public that a new episode will be broadcast on their television screens shortly after the conclusion of the second instalment, which was produced almost as soon as the second instalment was broadcast.

If we go ahead and speculate, the second installment might be released sometime in early 2021. It follows from this that the release date for season 3 would be set for late 2021 or possibly even early 2022.

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