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How frequently do we come across an anime that is classified as a romantic comedy? Not very frequently, it appears. And even if we do, it’s not as if they’re all excellent.

My Little Monster is one of those exceptional romantic comedy animes that completely blew us away. Yet it’s been nearly nine years and we still have no idea what will happen to the show. Season 2 of My Little Monster has been anticipated and desired by fans for several years.

However, there have been no substantial events that have hit the headlines. Will My Little Monster Season 2 be renewed, bringing the show back? Continue reading to learn more.

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My Little Monster: A Brief History

My Little Monster is a romantic comedy anime adaptation of Robico’s original manga. Between 2008 and 2013, Kodansha published the manga.

The anime is a Shoujo manga that centres on Shizuku Mizutani, a highly logical girl who struggles socially. Concentrated on her work, all she can concentrate about is her classes, and her social life is thrown out the window.

She delivers her notes to Yoshida Haru, who has been suspended from school following a brief physical altercation with one of the other boys, at her teacher’s request. Yoshida is also someone who is not particularly adept at managing his inner emotions, despite his intelligence and friendliness.

Despite her lack of social skills, Shizuku is abnormally drawn to Haru and begins to associate with him, unaware that everyone around him is self-serving. This takes a different turn when she develops feelings for him, and thus the storey continues.

My Little Monster is by no means a lengthy animation. The animation, which spans 13 episodes of 24 minutes each, manages to keep things concise and entertaining. Despite its little duration, the anime manages to weave a wonderful plot together. And even if you’re not a fan of the tale, the fact that it’s only 13 episodes works in its favour.

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Renewal of My Little Monster Season 2

While the anime has won many hearts over the years and continues to attract new fans, there has been no statement regarding a series renewal for the beloved show. It’s been years since the anime’s first season aired. Between 2008 and 2013, the manga was written in 12+1 volumes.

Additionally, viewers were treated to an OVA in 2013. However, no new material has been added to the anime since then. After the first season, it appears as though the anime creators abandoned the series and let the storey of Yoshida and Shizuku to conclude naturally.

While the anime’s first season covered only four volumes, the show has yet to be revived. According to the logic of four volumes per season, there is theoretically enough material for two additional anime seasons. Thus, there is still hope for a new season of the anime in terms of manga material.

It’s simply that the anime producers must grant the final approval. This is understandable given the anime’s low disc sales throughout its run, which may have resulted in financial difficulties. However, the anime has garnered a sizable fan base and is universally regarded. After such a long wait for a second season, we believe it is past time for the anime to be renewed.

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My Little Monster Season 2: Release Date Suggestions

My Little Monster has not been renewed for a second season, and the publisher has made no such statements.

Given that we have enough written material for at least one more season and the show’s current spike in popularity, it is quite likely that the creators will return for My Little Monster Season 2.

And the fact that the first season ended on a significant cliffhanger indicates that the show’s writers considered a second season but ultimately opted against it. On the other side, the passage of time negates that.

It’s simply not easy to write to an anime after so much time has passed. And the creators are well aware of this. It would require much creative work and financial investment to bring it back.

Given all of this, it’s impossible to predict whether or not there will ever be a season 2. However, the odds appear to be slim at this stage, owing primarily to logistical constraints. Additionally, the creators may be fearful of financial loss if a second season is produced.

At the time, the first season did not promise well for them. Given all of this, a season 2 is feasible, but it does not appear likely.

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So When Might It Be Released?

If Brain’s Base does decide to return for a second season, we may anticipate a minimum of an 18-month hiatus. Between the show’s announcement and its airing, the production would take that long.

Indeed, given the ongoing pandemic, the time range may be extended. Thus, even if the anime were to be announced tomorrow, we would wager that it would not debut until at least 2022 or 2023. Therefore, we recommend that you wait until at least 2023 before watching the anime.

Although we would want to emphasise once more that the possibilities are extremely tiny. It’s difficult to predict whether My Little Monster Season 2 will be renewed.

Where to Stream My Little Monster Season 2

While My Little Monster Season 2 is not yet available, those who haven’t watched should do so immediately. The show’s first season is fantastic in and of itself and has garnered significant critical acclaim.

You can watch the show’s first season on Netflix or Crunchyroll by clicking the following link:

Watch My Little Monster on Netflix

Watch My Little Monster on Crunchyroll

Given that the show’s first season is already available on various platforms, the second is expected to follow suit. Thus, if a season 2 is released, it will most likely be on Netflix or Crunchyroll. It should be noted that we recommend Crunchyroll because it is constantly updated with new content.

Final Remarks

Finally, all we can say is that we hope the show returns for a second season. However, the modifications do not appear to be positive, and it would be a miracle if the creators return for a second season.

Nonetheless, we look forward to My Little Monster Season 2 and hope it receives the critical acclaim it deserves.

The show now has a 7.5 rating on MyAnimeList, our go-to resource for everything anime. Additionally, it has a user rating of 7.3 on IMDb.

What are your thoughts on the show? How was the first season? Are you also a fan? When do you anticipate the second season’s release? Or is it going to be cancelled? Kindly inform us in the comments section below.


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