The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 2: Recap

In “The Lion’s Den,” Thony is dealt two blows, both of which are disastrous.

In the first place, Luca’s illness worsened and Thony ran out of antiviral medication; with Thony’s stem cell trials not starting for another week, Thony was compelled to take drastic steps in order to save Luca’s life; the ER presented the possibility of deportation for them both. As we saw at the end of the premiere, the FBI, or more precisely Special Agent Garrett Miller, takes an interest in Thony in particular. It’s the worst possible time to be doing this. As Thony needs Arman’s help to save Luca, the feds are watching everything she does and the people she associates with.

What happens in Second Episode ?

In addition to Mateo’s death, Arman’s contract with the Armenians has been thrown into jeopardy after a truckload of weaponry went missing, resulting in a shootout and a 24-hour ultimatum before further blood is spilled.

Because Arman can’t help himself, he goes out of his way to aid Thony, even if he doesn’t really have the time to do so. However, I’ll get to it in a minute. To get illegal workers like Thony and Fi to cooperate with the FBI in their search for a top-secret informant named Theo, the FBI employs the threat of deportation. Nevertheless, Thony is aware of the game plan. As much as she lashes out at Garrett for taking advantage of those who are already in a vulnerable position, she realises that she has no control over the situation. Seeing Arman and his band of henchmen is no surprise to her.

What does Fiona Reveal ?

As Fiona breaks down in tears, she reveals to Thony that her son Chris is also undocumented, even though he is completely unaware of this fact. That’s why Fiona couldn’t sign any formal documents about him because he was born on the tarmac on his way to America, not in the US.

Even while his reaction to the news may appear exaggerated, it is the attitude of a typical American adolescent who has been shielded from the harsher truths of life by his mother’s tireless efforts. When you think about it, it’s ironic that he can’t feel sorry for her because of the life she’s given him.

Hayak Notice Shocking Things

Hayak, Thony’s employer, or even Garrett, who takes a picture of Arman loading Luca, in his antiviral spacesuit, into the back of his car, notices Thony’s turn to Arman for help. However, Thony’s ability to identify the weapons thief earns her a favourable impression with Hayak, who believes that once you’re “in,” that you’re in for good.

Since Thony will be replacing Theo in Arman’s organisation as Garrett’s CI, this will be a godsend for Garrett. Once you’ve made it inside, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy yourself. However, it’s safe to presume that the main work has only just begun.

Cast of Cleaning Lady

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Oliver Hudson, Adan Canto, Élodie Yung, Martha Millan, Valentino/Sebastien LaSalle, Faith Bryant and Sean Lew in THE CLEANING LADY premiering Monday, Jan. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2021 Fox Media LLC. CR: Kurt Iswarienko/FOX
  • Oliver Hudson as Garrett Miller
  • Élodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa
  • Adan Canto as Arman Morales
  • Martha Millan as Fiona De La Ros
  • Faith Bryant as Jaz
  • Sean Lew as Chris
  • Valentino LaSalle as Luca De La Rosa
  • Navid Negahban as Hayak Barsamian

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