Who Was Kidnapped Secretary Kim in Season 2

Young Joon is unable to leave Mi So alone. He claims that he is concerned that Mi So will not be able to sleep properly after recalling what happened while they were kidnapped, and he arrives at Mi So’s residence with his suitcase to express his concern. Young Joon and Mi So relocated to Young Joon’s house since they were uncomfortable in their previous residence.

secretary kim in season 2During this period, Young Joon’s parents learned through Sung Yeon that their son had never lost his memory and they became interested in learning what happened when Young Joon was stolen. He told them everything that he knew.

Then Young Joon explained why he feigned to have lost his memory in the first place. Sung Yeon’s memory had been distorted as a result of his remorse, and he felt he was the one who had been kidnapped. As a result, Sung Yeon’s parents took him to see a doctor. When Young Joon’s father asked that Sung Yeon be admitted to a psychiatric clinic and treated, his wife refused to go along with it.

The treatment of her son by psychiatrists was not something she wanted to happen. While Young Joon’s parents were conversing, Young Joon’s mother remarked that she would like to pass away. Young Joon was horrified to hear this, and he was still traumatized by witnessing his captor murder his mother…

Mi So is ready to drift off to sleep when she senses footsteps behind her. After that, someone comes to the door and knocks. When she opened the door, it was Young Joon. He had come to the place to sleep. It doesn’t give Mi So much time to react before Young Joon walks in and begins to organize his shoes, clothes, and everyday necessities. Young Joon presented Mi So with the gift he had brought for her, a bag of salt for a foot bath when he had completed unpacking. However, because Mi So does not have access to a bathtub, her perceptions are different from those held by Young Joon.

It’s time to retire for the night. Mi So, on the other hand, is unable to sleep. Young Joon is laying in bed next to her, and she is unable to sleep because she is too scared. As soon as Mi So switched on the television and became overjoyed at the prospect of watching football, Young Joon realized that she felt uncomfortable being in the same bed as him. As a result, Young Joon requested that they consume some wine. If Mi So had a wine opener, that would’ve been a good strategy.

But she didn’t. Then someone started yelling out a car plate number in unison. It turned out to be Young Joon’s vehicle. He took up a parking space that belonged to someone else. The lady who confronted him gave him some sound advice, such as avoiding being enamored with costly automobiles while living in such an impoverished neighborhood.

He also counseled Young Joon to continue his studies and work hard in the hope that he, like her son, will be hired by the Yum Yung Group. Young Joon will acquire a position at the company even if he doesn’t put out much effort. After all, he is the proprietor’s son.

Mi So and Young Joon packed up and moved to Young Joon’s house since Mi So’s residence is too small and cramped. Mi So went to the guest room because there were so many options at Young Joon’s house. That wasn’t enough for Young Joon. There is no sofa in the guest room, so Young Joon has no choice but to share a bed with Mi So, who might be uncomfortable if he sleeps on the floor.

Mi So and Young Joon are awkward, so Young Joon begins singing a song for her till she falls asleep. Young Joon was terrified when Mi So hugged him while he was sleeping, and as a result, he couldn’t get any sleep that night.

Mi So had planned to make breakfast for Young Joon that morning. She’s a terrible cook, so she made a basic omelet into a disaster. Mi So had made him an omelet only for him, so Young Joon had to eat it.

Sung Yeon assured his parents that Young Joon had retained his recall of the events leading up to his kidnap. As a result, Young Joon’s parents arrived to speak with him. That incident and how a nine-year-old came up with the concept of pretending to have lost his memory are hotly pursued topics of discussion.

A theme park was on the minds of Sung Yeon and Sung Hyun as they strolled down the street. Sung Yeon offered to buy some water for Sung Hyun because he was thirsty. In response to Sung Hyun’s request to accompany him, he made fun of him for being afraid. He feigned to be unconcerned and stayed on the street to await the arrival of Sung Hyun’s older brother.

Something doesn’t feel right to Sung Hyun. He’d been strolling for quite some time, and the street was deserted. A woman came up to him and asked if he could assist her with her luggage. When he followed the stranger, he didn’t feel good, but the mother kept saying that her sick daughter was all alone in the home. The woman presented Sung Hyun with yogurt as a token of her gratitude for his assistance.

Instead of going to the liquor store, Sung Yeon returned home, leaving his brother alone in the neighborhood. As soon as the pained Sung Hyun appeared, Sung Yeon felt a sense of responsibility. Sung Yeon’s memory became distorted because of her remorse.

secretary kim in season 2Sung Hyun returned home to discover Sung Yeon in his room, still dressed in his hospital gown. Sung Yeon said that Sung Hyun kidnapped him and that Sung Hyun’s room was his. When Sung Yeon saw Sung Hyun that day, he had a nervous breakdown. Sung Yeon’s parents took him to a psychiatrist and explained what was going on with him.

Sung Yeon’s temper flared whenever he saw his brother. Sung Yeon had a habit of slapping Sung Hyun in the face. Sung Hyun, on the other hand, finally had enough and fought back.

In light of their constant fighting, their father has concluded that Sung Yeon needs medical treatment and has chosen to admit him to a psychiatric clinic for evaluation. When he had to think about Sung Hyun, he had to help both of his sons come to terms with the anguish of that experience. However, their mother was adamant.

The last thing she wanted for Sung Yeon was for her to end up in the care of a mental health facility. When she said she wanted to die, she burst into tears. After hearing his mother express her want to die, Sung Hyun was reminded of his kidnapped’s suicide in front of him.

Sung Hyun afterward feigned to faint and lose his memory at the dinner table after noticing how upset his mother was. As a result, his mother’s request was granted. If Sung Hyun is unable to recall anything, they will be able to continue supporting Sung Yeon’s distorted recollection. Sung Yeon’s mother inflicted yet another scar on her youngest son to keep him safe.

As a result of being kidnapped and traumatized, Sung Hyun had to pretend that all of this had occurred to Sung Yeon. His trauma had to be dealt with by a nine-year-old youngster on his own.

Young Joon can now talk to Sung Yeon about everything that’s been revealed. Sung Yeon was already packing when he left. Sung Yeon is enraged by Young Joon’s decision to go against her wishes. Young Joon was the object of her hatred and self-pity for more than half of her life. Open communication and mutual apologies are exchanged between the two brothers.

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