Review of Seal Team’s 5th Season’s 11th Episode

Is Jason going to make the correct decision?

In the 11th episode of SEAL Squad Season 5, the Bravo team embarked on one of the most difficult missions of the season.

The fact that individuals are afraid to report their worries to Command about Jason is getting ludicrous; we all knew Ray would find out about him sooner or later.

Whats’s happening beatween Ray and Jason ?

In order to support Ray when his PTSD was put into question was a great honour for Jason, who has always been inseparable from Ray.

The folks who don’t understand what’s happening to Jason would see Ray turning on Jason as a betrayal. To make matters more complicated, everyone of these characters has family members who would be devastated if they were to pass away.

As Jason is now, he is a burden, and he intends to use this to his advantage in this battle to avoid the truth.

What will be the consequence of Jason memory deterioration

The situation will only become worse as his memory continues to deteriorate in upcoming episodes.

Jason will only listen if the whole Bravo team tells him he needs to take a leave of absence. There are certainly cliques inside the Bravo squad.

Irritation is increasing on him by the minute, and he’s not thinking clearly. It’s heartbreaking to think of how hard he’s working to retain information, and that’s probably on his mind if he’s practising memory exercises in a private room.

It’s unlikely that the Bravo crew will remain intact for Season 6 of SEAL Team. Even if it’s not official, the show’s strong ratings for Paramount+ mean it’ll be back.

Max Thieriot is delivering a strong performance to show us a totally different side of Clay, which is difficult to witness.

What makes Clay Terrified ?

Clay is terrified that Jason would do something wrong on a mission and harm his crew, therefore he is missing out on the progress his son is making.

Everyone would be secure if someone informed Command of Jason’s existence. If the mission fails, there is a vast difference between loyalty and indifference.

A part of me thought they would be shot as they sought to flee the village, yet they always come out uninjured.

When faced with this situation, how would Jason respond? To show the rest of the team that he isn’t thinking clearly, that would be a good idea.

Jason is driving everyone away, and if he doesn’t take help soon, he may lose the ones he cares about most.

Even though he had no idea what was going on at home, Clay decided to take the vehicle out in the middle of the night to make a phone call.

No one else in the van looked out the windows during the entire conversation, so at least it was a good thing.

Is it possible to foresee Jason having to save the guy he shoved just a few episodes earlier?

It would have been a great opportunity to draw attention to the team’s shortcomings.

Sonny’s outburst at Davis was a violation of the rules. Yes, he’s in trouble, but why did he believe he could get away with calling Davis out?

Sonny is enraged that his mother didn’t settle for anything less than the best when it came to raising her son.
He shouldn’t be blaming Davis for his feelings of frustration. Since they’ve already discussed it, it’s for the best that they keep things completely platonic between the two of them.

An accusation that Davis caused her ex-breakup boyfriend’s would be the last thing Davis needs at this difficult time.

It came out of nowhere when Sonny asked Hannah to move in with him and start a family, and he was well aware of the lack of chemistry between them.

Relationship problems arose from a lack of lust for one another, not from a lack of communication.

Some relationships end, and I’m not convinced that he and Hannah were really in love.

Three episodes remain in the fifth season of SEAL Team.

Things are about to get rough.

Even if I’m wrong, I’m prepared to lose a character in these final episodes because of the nuclear activities in Venezuela.

If you watch the show, you’ve seen it foretell huge changes for some time now, and the team will never be the same after Jason’s truth is revealed.

When compared to “Three Guns,” there were a lot more f-bombs. As a result of its departure from traditional broadcast television, The Walking Dead has been able to increase the realism of its episodes.

Do you support Ray and Clay’s alliance against Jason?

If they’re working against Jason, do you think he’ll try to get rid of them now?


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