Will There Be a Fifth Season of the Good Girls?

‘Good Girls’ is a sitcom written by Jenna Bans about a close-knit group of three females, Ruby, Beth, and Annie. They intend to steal from a nearby business since they are fed up with working hard for money and adhering to the regulations.

As a result, their existence is altered in ways they cannot fathom. This criminal drama premiered on February 26, 2018.

While the cast members have garnered widespread praise for their performances, several reviewers felt that the plot did not do them justice.

Despite this, critics lauded the series’ brisk pace and the heroes’ interpersonal closeness. Despite its darkest times, the show maintains a sense of humour. Whether you’re wondering if the show will return for a fifth season, we have the answer!

When Will Good Girls Season 5 Be Released?

NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ season four premiered on March 7, 2021, and finished on July 22, 2021. The fourth season consists of sixteen episodes, each lasting between 41 and 44 minutes.

We’re excited to share some great news regarding the upcoming fifth season. According to a company statement, NBC will cancel this crime comedy series on June 25, 2021.

Additionally, network executives stated that they had no interest in selling the show to other networks or streaming providers. A fifth and final season of the show was reportedly planned, but the plan fell apart.

If Netflix was not an option, another possibility was to move it to a streaming service, but this also failed. Surely you’re curious as to what’s happening. Following the cancellation of the NBC show, here are numerous plausible explanations.

It made no difference how popular the series was on Netflix or how many fans tuned in via delayed viewing since it still performed poorly on NBC.

The network was forced to cut losses as ratings and viewing statistics fell precipitously; linear performance is critical when considering renewals.

Universal Television analysed the data to evaluate whether the show would be commercially viable on Netflix, according to insiders. Because Netflix would incur additional production costs, the deal may not have worked out.
Christina Hendricks (Beth), Retta (Ruby), and Mae Whitman (Annie), all of the show’s stars, agreed to accept compensation reductions during the production’s final run. Manny Montana (Rio) expressed dissatisfaction with the wage cut.

Following the show’s cancellation, there is a significant possibility that it was also the result of some internal strife. Viewers have observed Beth and Rio’s romance bloom throughout the show’s four seasons.

However, in real life, the relationship between actresses Hendricks and Montana may not be as straightforward. Their off-screen relationship has been rocky, as they describe it using adjectives like “professional” and “businesslike.”

However, none of the celebrities has made a direct reference to the subject. Season 5 of ‘Good Girls’ has been officially cancelled, despite its announcement.

Why Was Season 5 of Good Girls Cancelled?

The cancellation of “Good Girls” appears to have been precipitated by artistic disagreements and financial constraints. Manny Montana, who portrays Beth’s love interest, was, on the other hand, adamant about accepting a lesser wage for last season.

Additionally, a harsh off-camera relationship between him and Hendricks has been cited as a factor in his unwillingness to bargain.

Hendricks has described their relationship with Montana as professional and businesslike, implying that they are not exactly friends in real life.

good girls season 5
good girls season 5

Hendricks stated that Montana addressed her as Chris at a Q&A session at the 92nd Street Y, which bothered her: “Chris is the only name I’ve ever been addressed as. This is not my real name. To me, this is absurd.
Then again, he hasn’t got a chance to discover that I dislike it as well!” Because the narrative was too authentic to be disregarded as a joke, the rumour of a backdrop war sounded all the more plausible.


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