What Happened to Jennifer From Hell’s Kitchen in Season 13?

It was September 10, 2014, when the 13th season of Hell’s Kitchen aired on Fox. At the Caesars Atlantic City, Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill was offering a post as head chef to the winner. James Avery and Andi van Willigan both returned as sous cooks for Gordon Ramsay. However, as maitre d’, Marino Monferrato took the place of Jean-Philippe Susilovic. La Tasha McCutchen, a kitchen supervisor in Winter Haven, Florida, was the winner of the competition.

Andi Van Willigan served as sous chef for the red team and James Avery served as sous chef for the blue team in this season’s competition. Read on to find out what the Hell’s Kitchen season 13 participants did after they appeared on the show.

What Happened to Jennifer From Hell’s Kitchen in Season 13?

FOX asked HELL’S KITCHEN to be a fall series for the second time in order to fill the void left by the demise of THE X FACTOR in the spring of last year. However, unlike the majority of FOX’s new shows this fall that had catastrophic ratings, this one didn’t bomb.

As usual, the 13th season did not end with a bang, but for the last two months, it was solid and consistent. When comparing the Live+SD numbers to the A18-49 ratings, DVR recordings only add 30-60% to the overall A18-49 rating. Since FOX has no idea how to programme a network, HELL’S KITCHEN’s fall ratings are better than anything else that network can generate. The show still does better in summer.

HELL’S KITCHEN’s season average was 3.80 million viewers and an Adults 18-49 rating of 1.3. The show will take a hiatus for the winter and return in early March 2015 for season 14.


Three chefs from this season appeared on the Food Network’s Chopped show after this season ended. Frank appeared in the episode “A Frog Leg Up” in season 37. After serving the judges overcooked gnocchi in the entrée round, he was chopped (eliminated). After the dessert round, Roe was eliminated, and Kalen was eliminated after the entrée round, both debuted in season 42 (episodes 6 and 8).



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