Snowfall Season 6 Release Date: What We Know So Far About This Series!

Winter’s Tale returns to FX for Season 5 on February 23, providing viewers with a look at Franklin Saint’s (Damson Idris) life more than a year after the Season 4 conclusion, which saw him hang up his cane for the last time. Following Franklin’s years-long transformation from a 20-something part-time marijuana dealer to an established crack cocaine drug lord, the crime thriller Snowfall has been following his story from its 2017 debut.

This critically acclaimed series, set in 1980s Los Angeles amid the crack epidemic, is praised for its true depiction of the drug’s impact on the city, as well as Idris Elba’s main performance. Franklin appears to be recovering from his injury in Season 5, and he appears to be enjoying the results of his labor. But where will this lead him next season?

As of right now, there is no official confirmation that Snowfall will be renewed for a sixth season, but here’s all you need to know about a possible Snowfall Season 6, including its plot, cast, and release date.

Plot Summary for Snowfall Season 6

Taking place 15 months after Season 4’s conclusion, Snowfall’s fifth season follows the characters in 1986, “when the violence was ramping up when you started to feel the full militarization of the when the War on Drugs was on the verge of reaching its peak,” co-creator Dave Andron recently told Gold Derb that the show’s fifth season will be the most ambitious yet.

According to Idris, Franklin’s situation is improving throughout the current season. Franklin, who has moved into a penthouse and is expecting a child, is currently enjoying life. “He has about $100 million, which is insane in 1986,” the actor said in an interview with BlackTree Television. Even though “all great and good things must come to an end,” “I believe we will see a cheerful side to Franklin this year,” says the author.

Snowfall Season 6 scene

Given that Season 1 took place in 1983 and Season 5 takes place in 1986, viewers can anticipate that Season 6 will take place in 1987. Given Andron and Idris’ recent interview statements, it appears possible that Franklin may have another run-in with the law during Season 5. This could be made even more complex by his impending transition into fatherhood. Season 5 is now in production.

Rotten Tomatoes reports that the LAPD’s C.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) squad would raid the South Central Los Angeles projects in a forthcoming Season 5 episode on March 9, 2019. The plot of the show is based on real-life events that occurred in the late 1980s when C.R.A.S.H.

launched several controversial raids that resulted in few actual contraband discoveries or arrests — but did result in numerous charges of corruption inside the Los Angeles Police Department. Perhaps the upcoming episode will serve as a watershed moment in Franklin’s Season 6 adventure, heralding the beginning of a more difficult season.

Moreover, Franklin’s strained relationships with his uncle Jerome (Amin Joseph) and with his girlfriend Louie (Angela Lewis) may leave him feeling isolated and vulnerable to whatever dark turns are in store for him.

The Snowfall Season 6 Ensemble

Given that Season 5 is presently airing and that the characters of Snowfall are continually placed in perilous circumstances that could result in violence or incarceration, it is unclear whether characters will make it to Season 6. Fans can expect Idris Elba to reprise his role as Franklin, as well as main characters Louie (Lewis), Jerome (Joseph), Teddy McDonald/Reed Thompson (Carter Hudson), Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata (Sergio Peris-Mencheta), Cissy Saint (Michael Hyatt), and Leon Simmons (Isaiah John) — all of whom will likely return depending on the events of the current season.

In addition to the introduction of several new characters in Season 5, such as Devyn Tyler as a bright, ambitious law school graduate with a romantic interest named Veronique, some of those new faces may carry over into Season 6.

Snowfall Season 6 scene

Update on the Status of Snowfall Season 6’s Renewal and a Possible Release Date

Snowfall was renewed for a fifth season by FX on March 23, 2021, little than a month after the show’s fourth season premiered. Snowfall has yet to receive a renewal for a sixth season, but fans may expect to learn more about the show’s future in the weeks after Season 5’s launch on February 23.

According to Deadline, Snowfall Season 4 was the most-watched series on FX in 2021, indicating a significant probability of the show being renewed for a sixth season. Season 6 will most likely premiere in early 2023 if the show is renewed and the production timetables for the previous seasons are maintained.

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