Botched Season 8 Release Date: What We Know So Far About This Series!

Plastic surgery is frequently depicted on reality television as a glamorous procedure. Day after day, we are treated to flawlessly molded faces and bodies that appear on a variety of displays. Plastic surgery professionals, on the other hand, will tell you a different story. Just because a procedure is completed does not always imply that it was completed correctly. Costly, painful, and even lethal mistakes can be made by individuals.

“Botched” on E has portrayed a more raw side of reality than any other show to date. The series, which is currently in its sixth season, follows the lives of world-renowned plastic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow (per IMDb). Patients who have received less-than-optimal care and have suffered as a result are encountered by the doctors. Many people find that the shift required to remedy labor that has been done incorrectly is not just physical, but also emotional.

As the seventh season of “Botched” comes to a close, many fans are wondering when they might expect the show to return. Season 8 of “Botched” has begun, and here’s what we know so far.

Botched Season 8

When Will Botched Season 8 Be Available to Watch?

According to Release TV, “Botched” has not been renewed for a ninth season at the time of writing. While some fans may be concerned about the show’s future, the good news is that it has not been canceled. In addition, by studying the show’s history, you can make educated guesses on when new episodes of “Botched” will air on television.

Except for Season 5 and the first half of Season 6, the premiere of “Botched” is always scheduled for the spring television season. All of the prior seasons have all aired in April, May, or June, except one (per IMDb). About Season 7, the premiere date was set for April 2021, with fresh episodes of the interesting, occasionally gruesome series airing in the middle of May that year.

For those who are eager to see Drs. Dubrow and Nassif perform their magic, keep an ear out for news on “Botched” Season 8 when it is announced later in the spring.

Botched Season 8 Has a Cast of Characters, but Who Are They?

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif have worked their magic on desperate and subsequently appreciative patients for each of the seven seasons of “Botched” that have aired so far. Because of the job they perform, people’s lives are being transformed, and there is a consistent theme running through each of the show’s seasons. In an interview conducted before the premiere of Season 7, the surgeons discussed what it was like to film the reality series and how COVID-19 altered both the practice of plastic surgery as a whole and their own experience filming the show.

“Because of Zoom, there is a tremendous amount of unmet demand, as well as a whole new population of people who are considering plastic surgery. They want it now, and they want it immediately “Dr. Dubrow spoke with Bustle about his work.

“A large number of individuals are being subjected to these relatively experimental techniques — which are generally first tested on a small number of people before [being altered]. You’re being used as a test subject until we figure out what works and what doesn’t so be extremely cautious when trying out new approaches until we do.”

Botched Season 8 scene

“The eyes have replaced the mouth,” Dr. Nassif observed. In my practice, I’m seeing a significant number of patients who want to have an eye lift, a brow lift, or to experiment with the lower eyelid flap.

Both doctors have over 50 years of combined experience, and even though they believe they’ve seen it all, the industry continues to grow and present them with new obstacles to overcome. We have a feeling that both doctors will be excited to return for Season 8 of “Botched” based on their enthusiasm.

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