The Passage Season 1 Episode 3 Release Date: What We Know So Far About This Series!

Anthony began to be affected by the vampire gene he had been implanted within the previous episode of The Passage, in which Brad and Amy submitted themselves to federal investigators and Anthony became affected by the vampire gene he had been injected with. What surprises are in store for us in this next installment? See what happens when we recap The Passage season 1 episode 3 ‘That Never Should Have Happened to You!’ and find out.

Plays a Significant Role

A flashback shows us that Shauna was raped when she was brought into Project Noah, something we learn about later. Shauna was located by Agent Richards, who executed the agents who had attacked her and transported her to the Project Noah facility. When we return to the present, Richards has brought Brad and Amy to the Project Noah location.

Brad and Amy were separated, with Brad being transported to a holding cell and Amy being sent to a medical facility for observation. The physicians argued over the reasons for Shauna’s attack on the janitor; Richards advocated for killing her, and the other doctors agreed with his decision. Amy’s primary doctor, Sykes, was sent to speak with her since she had been acting violently against her captors. Amy’s position in the study was described to Sykes, who was assured that she would not be harmed as a result. Amy had requested a meeting with Brad.

Assessment of the Dangers.

Brad was shown a news report in which he was informed that he had been shot and killed in front of the whole public. Amy’s treatment was delayed because he volunteered to console her while she was being treated, but he also promised to kill all of the scientists engaged in the study if Amy was harmed.

The Passage Season 1 Episode 3

Amy received the vampire gene injection from Sykes. Tim was the first to recognize her connection to the vampire’s neural network, which happened almost instantaneously. Later that day, Brad and Amy began devising a plan to get out of their confinement. Amy was able to see the first three numbers of the keypad combination since Brad had stolen a syringe and some sort of liquid from the nurse’s trolley. Brad awoke around nap time to discover one of the janitors keeping an eye on Amy. He informed Brad of Tim’s potential threat to Amy’s safety.

Excellent Investigative Skills

Brad and Amy were escorted out of their room by security. While their room was being searched, they ran across Anthony, who became their friend. In their conversation, Brad and Anthony addressed why Amy had been brought on board the project. Brad was also warned by Anthony about the danger that Tim posed to both Amy and Brad’s safety.

Richards took Brad on a stroll, and the two of them talked about Shauna’s life before she was admitted to the facility. Amy discovered a piece of paper in her room and immediately began passing notes below her door with Anthony to keep them both informed. Meanwhile, Lila began to look into the people who had been taken to Project Noah for questioning.

The Passage Season 1 Episode 3

She started by calling the jails where they had been abducted from, and she ultimately came up with a lead that led her to Shauna’s prison. Lila shared her findings with a journalist who was conducting an investigation. That night, Brad was able to sneak down to the facility’s observation area, where he discovered the vampire hostages he had been searching for. He instantly recognized that this was the dreadful fate that lay ahead for Amy. Jonas came into the room and went over everything that had been going on at Project Noah with authority.

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