Ares Season 2: Plot Cast Available on Netflix? Latest Updates 2022!

Netflix, which pioneered the strategy a few years ago, has maintained a distinctively “swing for the fences” attitude to the original content. It has undoubtedly produced some significant hits, such as House of Cards and Stranger Things, but it has also delivered a few costly misfires (see: Hemlock Grove, Gypsy, and Iron Fist).

One way the streamer has mitigated this risk is by acquiring unknown diamonds from the international market and polishing them for distribution in the United States. These efforts have distinguished Netflix from the competition and resulted in critically acclaimed programs such as Dark (Germany), Money Heist (Spain), and The Rain (Denmark). In the early days of 2020, Netflix surprised American audiences by releasing another unexpected overseas hit: Ares, a moody Dutch horror show.

Ares is mostly set in Amsterdam and follows Rosa (Jade Olieberg), a first-year medical student who is unexpectedly invited to join a mysterious secret organization that dates back to the Dutch Golden Age. Once inside, she discovers unspeakable horrors as the group’s malicious (and supernatural) nature becomes clear. Ares premiered on Netflix in January and immediately became a hit with horror enthusiasts and newcomers alike, with many declaring it too frightening to finish.

The series continues to be one of the most discussed originals of this pandemic-stricken year. This truth naturally has Ares lovers wondering if Netflix would continue to produce spine-chilling Ares treats. The following is everything we currently know about Ares season 2.

When will Ares’s second season become available on Netflix?

Given the initial wave of mainly favorable buzz around Ares’ Netflix debut, it seems more than probable that the streamer would quickly approve the second season of supernatural mayhem. When it comes to second season announcements, Netflix’s head honchos have traditionally taken one of two approaches: either greenlighting season 2 before the debut of season 1 (which is uncommon) or waiting a few months to weigh viewership numbers against production expenses.

They did not approach Ares first, or otherwise, we would have informed you of the upcoming season’s premiere date. After more than six months without a season 2 announcement, we’re beginning to wonder if Ares is truly one-and-done.

However, there is a reason for optimism. It’s reasonable to think Netflix is withholding renewals of some series (particularly those shot in Europe) until they are 100 percent assured crews can resume work. As such, even if no formal announcement has been made, there is still a very good probability that the second season of Ares is in the works. If that is the case, the new season of Ares is likely to premiere on Netflix in late 2021, so keep an eye out for updates.

Which actors will return for Ares season 2?

While we wait to see if and when Netflix decides to renew Ares for a second season, the question of who will return is becoming clearer. Rosa’s story dominated Season 1, which also featured Carmen (Lisa Smit), Jacob (Tobias Kersloot), Fleur (Frieda Barnhard), and Roderick (Robin Boissevain). The majority of the team survived season 1’s risky plot, which culminated in some genuine bloodletting in the last episode.

Given the terrible nature of the climax and the way it sets up a second season, there’s little doubt Jadie Olieberg will reprise her role as Rosa if Ares returns for a second season. Similarly, she should be joined by at least a couple of her core staff. That said, Tobias Kersloot’s Jacob will undoubtedly not be among them, given he met a horrible end in the finale. Maurits Zwanenberg, Carmen’s father (and Ares elder), also offed himself (along with dozens of others) after witnessing Rosa’s stunning metamorphosis in the final moments of season 1.

Because we don’t know what Rosa’s season 2 plans are, we can’t tell for certain which original Ares characters will return — let alone how many new faces will appear for any frightening season 2 hijinks. Whatever happens, we’re hopeful Dennis Rudge (who portrays Rosa’s father Wendel) gets some additional screen time in season 2, as he was one of the series’ unsung heroes in the first season.

How will Ares’ second season be plotted?

The truth is that we have no idea where this wild plot will go following that no-holds-barred season 1 finale, but considering the massive amount of information revealed in the closing 15 to 20 minutes of season 1, we may be able to postulate a possibility.

To begin, any second season of Ares must undoubtedly explore Rosa’s new role as Ares leader. As a reminder, Rosa was chosen by Ares leader Mauritz to take charge of the gang in that finale, which forced her to unwillingly kill a willing Jacob. Rosa’s rise to Ares’ president also granted her access to the enigmatic basement, where we discovered that the beast we’ve come to know and fear as Beal does not exist. Rosa instead discovered a pool of black slime encapsulating the essence of millennia of society’s heinous actions.

Rather than offering her humiliation to the ooze, Rosa jumps in head first for a crash lesson in Ares’ heinous past, which we learn begins with their terrible slave-trading origins. She emerges enveloped in the ooze and begins to utilize her newly acquired powers of influence to induce the suicide of scores of society members.

Season 2 of Ares is expected to focus on Rosa’s fight to get control of both her new powers and her new position in life, but given the barrage of season 1 events, it’s nearly hard to predict how those challenges will unfold. Let’s just hope Netflix sees fit to offer us another encounter with the Dutch horrors’ hidden society.

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