SWAT Season 5 Release Date: What We Know So Far About This Series!

Hello there, “S.W.A.T.” lovers. We sincerely hope you enjoyed what episode 12 has to offer you this evening. Now that episode 12 has come and gone, we’re back in your faces with yet another new spoiler session for you. In this one, we’re going to inform you about a few things that will be happening in the upcoming, brand-new episode 13 of SWAT’s current season 5, which will air on Sunday, March 13, 2022, at 9 p.m.

With the help of their official episode 13 press release, the kind people at CBS assisted us in compiling these fresh, official teaser descriptions for this new episode 13. As a result, we will undoubtedly refer to them during our spoiler session. Let’s get this party started.

For starters, CBS confirmed that the title of this new episode 13 has been given an official designation. It’s referred to as a “Short Fuse.” A terminally ill prisoner attempts to exact retribution in episode 13, which promises to be even more intense, dramatic, scandalous, action-packed, fascinating, suspenseful, and emotional than the previous two installments combined. Nichelle is confronted with a life-altering event as well as other challenges.

SWAT Season 5 scene

We’ll go ahead and start this spoiler session with the situation involving the critically ill prisoner. Yes, it turns out that we will be seeing a prison convict who has become terminally sick in this episode, and because he is going to die, he is very interested in exacting revenge on some of his old adversaries while he still has time. Consequently, he will make a break for it and flee from the hospital!

This craziness, of course, will force the NCIS: Los Angeles team to track down the people the prisoner is attempting to target to keep them safe, and they will wind up collaborating with a longstanding rival of Hicks to do it.

“When a terminally ill inmate escapes from a hospital eager to settle old scores before he dies, SWAT must partner up with a longstanding adversary of Hicks to safeguard the fugitive’s targets,” according to the official description of this escaped prisoner catastrophe. The following is an alternate description

It has been revealed in the second and final spoiler scoop for the upcoming episode 13 that Nichelle is going to deliver a very critical moment at some point in the show. According to reports, Nichelle will be confronted with a life-altering experience that will be so powerful that it will hurt her relationship with Hondo.

The following is the description of the Nichelle and Hondo situation: “Nichelle is confronted with a life-changing event that has an impact on her relationship with Hondo.”

A large number of guest stars will appear in Episode 13. They are as follows: Michael McGrady in the role of Agent Phil Kaminski, Terri Hoyos in the role of Mama Pina, Michael McGlone in the role of Baratta, Beth Fraser in the role of Judge Grant, Josie Nivar in the role of Marta, and Chris Boudreaux in the role of Agent Phil Kaminski (Russo)

Dr. Reed, Tarina Pouncy as Debra, Alveraz Ricardez as Caesar, Jennifer Christopher as Tori, Josh Archer as Sheriff Deputy Lee, Yuri Brown as Mrs. Wilson, Angela Landis as Secretary, Maggie E. Anderson as Paige, and Tom Virtue as Dr. Reed were among the guest stars who appeared in subsequent episodes (Surgeon)

One recurring character will appear in Episode 13. It is Rochelle Aytes who plays this one particular role (Nichelle).

SWAT Season 5

Season regulars Shemar Moore as a character (Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson), Alex Russell as a character (Jim Street), and Jay Harrington as a character (David “Deacon” Kay) will all appear in episode 13 of the show. Lina Esco plays the role of Christina “Chris” Alonso, Kenny Johnson plays the role of Dominique Luca, David Lim plays the role of Victor Tan, and Patrick St. Esprit plays the role of Victor Tan (Commander Robert Hicks).

SWAT’s current season 5 is set to premiere its thirteenth episode on Sunday, March 13, 2022, at roughly 9 p.m. central standard time, according to a press release from CBS that verified the date of the episode. It will also be accessible for live streaming and on-demand viewing on Paramount Network.

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