Solar Opposites Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything You Need To Know!

Hulu released “Solar Opposites” last year, and it had a lot going for it. Specifically, Justin Roiland of “Rick and Morty” fame was a significant creative force behind the project, co-creating it with Mike McMahan. The sitcom has a devoted audience on Hulu and has garnered widespread critical acclaim during its two-season run. The good news for series lovers is that they are not yet ready to call it quits. Here is what we know about the third season of “Solar Opposites.”

Solar Opposites Season 3:

Hulu has not yet set a release date for the third season of “Solar Opposites.” However, given the November release date of the Christmas special and the production schedule, early 2022 appears to be a plausible guess.

Season 3 of Solar Opposites Is Currently in Production

Hulu wasted no time in committing to this drama since it was renewed for a third season two months after its premiere in 2020. Production has been underway for an extended period, with the team knee-deep in it. Mike McMahan revealed to Inverse in Mach 2021 that they were currently developing on animatics for the new season, which will feature 12 episodes rather than the eight seen in the previous two seasons. “We’re going to begin developing animatics.” Throughout the season, we are basically in all of the phases simultaneously. As a result, we’re still in the thick of it,” McMahan explained.

“We just released Episode 7 to animatic, and the first five have been receiving cleans,” Roiland continued. As a result, we’re presently in the middle of it.” However, that was some months ago, and they are undoubtedly much further ahead today. The primary takeaway is that, in contrast to “Rick and Morty,” which is frequently delayed, these episodes look to be on time.

What will the plot of Solar Opposites Season 3 be about?

That is an excellent question. After all, in season two, the family was resurrected as trees and began smack-talking their neighbors, which seemed to neatly tie everything together. Where could they possibly go from there? Recently, the show’s creators sat down with SyFyWire for an interview to address that precise point.

“There’s some f***ing absurd stuff in Season 3,” Roiland added in the interview, vowing to continue pushing the boundaries of what they are (and are not) allowed to do on television. McMahan continued by stating that the extended season let them “[go] stranger” with the show’s antics. What about Cherie and Halk, who are vowing vengeance on Tim with baby Pezlie in tow? Given the show’s creators’ obsession with the show-within-a-show that is the Wall, it’s safe to expect they’ll pursue that narrative aggressively (SyFyWire).

‘Solar Opposites’ will return exclusively on Hulu in early 2022.

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